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  1. hahahah well the driving side of TDU2 for me is perfect i don't feel that TDU3 would need to change much on that side of things, i just find the social side of the game to be a bit lacking, would be nice to be able to hang out with people with out just sitting about in our cars on the side of a road somewhere. also we are on ibiza and hawaii two of the biggest party islands in the world, so... wheres the clubs and the night life lol i would love to drive about all day in my favorite cars and then spend my evenings/night hanging with friends at the beach or in a bar/club. :D With the sims comment yes and no, as the sims is well the sims and TDU i feel would benefit from going down a non violent GTA type road for things like 3rd person open world walking and being able to get in and out your vehicles anywhere. there nothing i would love more atm in TDU2 than to be able to drive from my house to the hair dresser park my car up get out my car walk from the car park to the hair dressers get my hair done and then walk back to where i left my car get back in and carry on driving! :p besides clothes makeup and being able to move stuff about in your house i would not want to see anything else like the sims in TDU3. Really all the sims is, is a house designer game with a nice avatar maker.
  2. at Carbon Kid - i recommend anything by Tha Playah, AniMe, Mad Dog, Miss K8, Angerfist and Art Of Fighters. ;D
  3. at Geatinst - humm it's a bit to boy racery for my taste, plus i'm not much of a fan of stock Mercedes either. but we all like different things what makes the world a nice place to live in, it would be boring if we all just like the same things.
  4. Well done Diablo, i've been a little worried the past few days thinking the duck had gone forever, but really happy to know you where just moving, big big big hugs from me for all the hard work you put into the move. :p Oh and add something here about dragons!! lol
  5. Hiya and welcome to the duck. I hope your able to get to get the help you need to get online. TDU2 is a lovely game would be ashame if you are unable to play online.
  6. one of my fave tracks of the past few years
  7. Hiya everyone! so i watched i video on how to use textmod yesterday and i really want to make some of my own stickers with it, but when i try to run textmod from the TDU2 Universal Launcher is says it can not find textmod.exe. so my question is is textmod not part of the TDU2 Universal Launcher and if not where can i find textmod i have googled searched it but all i seem to find are no longer working links for it. if anyone can point me in the right direction on where to get it from it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
  8. at iMky - with the yellow of that on in the pics i don't mind the colour of it at, but i would prefer it if it was purple lol! at caster - I'm not keen on soft top 306's, my friend used to have a 205 with the wide arch body kit, but for me i always found the 205 to be to square looking for my tastes. [ATTACH]25951[/ATTACH] i agree with you on the head lights in that pic they are horrible i never liked it when people did that to the head lights of 306's as it ruins the face of the car for me, one of the big things i have always loved abou 306's is the original head lights. at Geatinst Idiot - oh yes they exist lol!
  9. Tutorials on how to work zmodeler2 in hope that i can start making cars for tdu2 one day ;P
  10. [ATTACH]25929[/ATTACH][ATTACH]25930[/ATTACH][ATTACH]25931[/ATTACH][ATTACH]25932[/ATTACH] Here is some pics of my dream car, i do own a 306 but i have never had the money spare to get a Dimma wide arch body kit for her
  11. [ATTACH]25928[/ATTACH] Here is the 1st mod i have done for tdu2, i always wanted to be able to add makeup to my avatar in game, so now i have lol also i brightened up the skin tone as i always found the original skin colour to be a bit to dark for my liking. (i'll post some more pics of this soon) Now i can move on to making new eyes & trying to work out how to recolour hair & make my own radio station lol
  12. at Paladin - Hi Hi and thanx at Diablo - Hi Hi, Oh! More dragons next time (making note of that now lol) thats ok about the name change do i need to get in contact with you about the name change in a few weeks then ;P at Camel - Hi Hi & lol I shall try not to ;P
  13. at Diablo - lol to this day is still don't know what happened to my little Lancia! funnest bit was you could get in it while it was up there >.< With that garage it was just the cars me and my old club members used to like going for cruises in the most, (i just found it easier to keep them all in one place) :D
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