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  1. Nice !!!!!!! very nice news but we want the online of tdu asap like tdu platinum is now available =))) i have some questions....... If i have tdu copy of tdu2 steam version , is any trouble to use tdu world online launcher when it comes out? when it will be available ? if i have a tdu2 steam version savedata offline will be able to use with the online launcher of tdu world? if i had purchased dlcs like motorbikes, veyron supersport, and all dlc vehicles i will be able to use with online tdu world launcher? when tdu world launcher comes out will be the clubs available? can i mak
  2. Nice so we can race together in a future jijij =)
  3. Hey! Im from Spain, born in 1991 and since the game came out, i had the best spanish racing club in TDU2 - PC and tdu2-PS3, a pity to see that online is no longer available atm but i really trust in this project and if any kind of help / donation is necessary i will help u as i can =)))))) CMON GUYS , THIS IS A INCREDIBLE PROJECT!! lets make it happen !!!!!!;);););););) pd: i have 3 legit tdu2 games jijijij and love this game!
  4. Incredible, im impressed about this !!!!!! cannot wait to see back to online TDU2!!!! Awesome work guys!
  5. Its very nice to hear that TDU2 Online will be back in shortly, keep doing like that guys . Subscribe and like ofc and shared the video with my friends.... cannot wait to see that online mode back XD !!!!! =))))
  6. Awesome guys, if you need any kind of help plz say . I think the main goal is to develop a nice online mode, with global markers races online, markers for race times , poker island etc...
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