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  1. Hello Community! I replaced Audi TT with a Honda, and I would like to make the engine a little more realistic. First thing is I would like to make the engine rev up to 9k or so, but if I increase the rev limiter to 9k in TDUPE, it still stops at around a constant 7800. Any idea how to increase it effectively? The second thing is also in connection with the rev limiter. We know Honda makes petrol engines with that typical 'wa-pa-pa-pa' sound :D I mean when the rev limiter reaches 9k it falls back to around 8800 or 8700 but not lower and it goes back fast to 9k and so on. Now with the TT's settings the rev limiter is 7800 and it falls back to 6400..and it's really slow, unlike a Honda's. Does anyone know what to adjust to reach this 'fast revving'? Is it something with the ignition time or something else? Thanks in advance, if someone can help! :)
  2. Hello Guys! It's 2017, and I decided to reinstall the game and I have a problem, I never had before. And it's this goddamn "Exception Text" problem..I read a lot in the forums about this, tried everything they suggested (installation path in the config, 1.68B patch, etc.), still the same error..And my temp folder is empty (I read somewhere, it's not normal)..can somebody help me? I use tdupe 2.5!, because all the links are dead for 2.77. Could it be the problem? If so, can anyone share the file for me? Thanks for the help, if anyone answers!
  3. Well that's sad, but thanks for the update :) anyway, do you know anything about why is megapack lagging on my computer? It has i5-5200U (2.7GHz) processor with 8GB Ram and 4GB Nvidia video. OS is windows 8.1. I have definitely no idea why it can run fluently without megapack and can't with it...this was the only reason I tried to uninstall it.
  4. Hello everyone! Please help me! I used to use TDU modding tools with megapack installed in TDU, and it ran perfectly. I used it only for switching the camera in right-hand drive cars. For other mods I use TDUPE. I uninstalled megapack, because the game runs more fluently without it. I reinstalled the game, put in cars, modded them with TDUPE, and it went as planned. Until I tried to switch camera positions. When I switch one of the car's anything in Modding tools, the game crashes, and the mod tools says: Unable to load requested vehicle data., until I replace the cameras.bin in the game's databse directory with the one from the modding tools. Unnecessary to say, the camera position is still left, so it doesn't save anything. To avoid any misunderstanding, I use the modding tools latest (1.16.2.) version, I didn't patch to any newer version of the game, and yes, I replaced the Bnk1.map file. Can anybody help me? Is modding tools working with only megapack installed or what? Regards!
  5. Ok it's solved. Maybe the network was busy, idk, but it works now. Sorry for nuisance.
  6. Hi everyone! I know, TDU is a little oldie, but i'm still playing and modding it. So my question is: does anybody know what is going on hf-garage.ru? Is it dead or something? I can't load the page. :( Thanks for answers in advance!
  7. Or semi-automatic :D because it's a better type of gearbox. less damage in the speed during the shift
  8. Hey Everyone! I finally managed to put the camera into the right seat, but is it possible to switch the shift-hand to the left? Because it looks a bit weird that the driver shifts with right hand in a right hand drive car :D
  9. I'm sorry but I downloaded this mod from hf garage, and I don't understand that language, whatever it is :D And of course thank you guys, I appreciate the fast and kind answers :) the seat belt type change didn't work but the ik swap did :) --- Post Updated --- Btw. What does IK stand for? I mean is it an abbreviation or what? Could be a stupid question but I don't find it anywhere, and I would like to know : )
  10. Hey everyone! I found a problem during modding cars into the game. For some car mods the seat belt is not fitting into the car, but hanging out of the car. For example this one. I tried to put this mod into many car's places but didn't succeed. My question: is there any way to fix the seat belt problem, or can i remove it entirely remove it from the car? It really annoys me. Please help :(
  11. [ATTACH]26457[/ATTACH] Is it just me, or is there really a little problem here? xD
  12. Oh my god maaaan, thanks :D
  13. Hey everyone! I'm looking for two car mods, but unfortunately some of them are deleted, since I last downloaded it, and I lost the files. Can anyone help me out? It's the Honda Integra, and the Mitsubishi Starion mods. It would be a really really big help for me! Thanks
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