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  1. sorry to PM you Nobby, can you help me ? i want to download your template from tdumods.com but i can't register there, always wrong for answering antispam question, thank you

  2. i'm just play offline so i just get AIConfig.xml from your 2.00A and change all 0.000 traffic because i'm using traffic mod so if don't edit it my mod don't show whatever i play in hours because of 0.000 posibility they have
  3. Thanks Djey :) EDIT : Finally i can summon all possible traffic in TDU, of course i'm edited your 2.00A AIConfig.xml
  4. I want to open AIConfig.xml but when I tried with many software that i know nothing ones that worked, all say "xml error" What software exactly that i need ? Thanks :)
  5. [quote name='kristiannn'][CODE]SUNDIR = -1.00000 -0.002 0.00000 0.00000[/CODE]You can keep everything just like on the other mod and just put in that. In WeatherDesc, replace SUNRISE (not SUNRISE2) with that fog weather. :)[/QUOTE] thank you @kristiannn i'll try it soon :)
  6. Thanks you for being care about little detail but very important by woman player like me :) Sorry for my bad english :p
  7. Nice Work Milli :tup: What about nail polish for women characters, is it exist in TDU Platinum ?
  8. i just imagine same like maciuk wheater mod, just fog in early morning just like in my place everyday ;)
  9. yes i really like night time in TDU :), do you want to fix cloud problem bro ? what if add fog wheater after "MOONLIT2" and before "SUNRISE", just my suggestion
  10. work nice with Winter Mod too [MEDIA=imgur]Ex7Rpsy[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=imgur]g1IifMB[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=imgur]P3dyb5U[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=imgur]8W4i2Rj[/MEDIA]
  11. okay just wait a bit and if i will try it out what timescale exactly to faster timecycle, thanks Edit : Nice Car and Sun Reflections, don't have any sugestion for now [MEDIA=imgur]QUjoaip[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=imgur]Cj3QlAI[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=imgur]JFBEiFd[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=imgur]JDfauLP[/MEDIA]
  12. well nice to see you back again @kristiannn love your work and awesome mod just download it now :)
  13. thank you so much for your help bro maybe will need your help again in the future Kind Regards

  14. Hello MagicV8 sorry being rude to suddenly message you, do you by any chance still have TDU Eternal Skies Mod by eternalsky and TDU Crazy Winter Edition 1.7B by Opelos_HUN, thanks and sorry again for being rude

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    2. mpusmeong


      sorry for bother you again do hou have CWE 1.7 B bro last time you send me is 1.5 B and don't have road file and road patch too, thanks

    3. MagicV8


      I only have 1.58, I don't know about a 1.78 version.

    4. mpusmeong


      okay, thank you bro

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