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  1. Metal, Metalcore, Heavy Metalcore & Deathcore to build on the original Road Rock Radio
  2. Installer Feedback: It could use some work and tweaks. Currently it downloads the ZIP file that it later on copies "TestDrive2.exe, UpLauncher.exe, Language.cpr and "Euro" Folder. This in itself is not an issue and it successfully copies these files. However, the issue comes when the end user wants to create a shortcut, I believe that a previous iteration of this copied a filed named "TDU World Launcher.exe", I assume that this file has been replaced by UpLauncher.exe (custom icon, duh), however the exe was never updated so it still created the shortcut for "%cd%/Test Drive Unlimited
    Nice Collection of Tools, However CPU Control is not needed since Task Manager has the same functionality and any advanced user can also create a .reg file to automatically set the EXEs Affinity. If you are looking for something more advanced, I would recommend "Process Lasso" many people I know swear by this program on 32bit applications and games on AMD processors and Intel, Process Lasso comes with some advantages as well such as automatically balancing process for each core. (Note: Windows has implemented something similar but I've been told it's not as good on 8+ Core CPUs, it will most l
  3. My name is Mike or Michal, at the time of writing this I am 15, 16 in five months, been playing TDU2 a lot. At the start of course I had the pirated game as any person would however after starting to like it, I brought it even tho people said "SERVERS CLOSED", look at that lalalalalalalala. Servers Open, No lag... 4 YEARS AFTER THE COMPANY DIES. Only Question that lies now is "How long will the servers last?" "Who pays for the servers?" this is why I'm one of those people who would say no to people who invent/make hacks/mods to turn cars/DLC from AT to in game money, as it makes me feel like t
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