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  1. Use DXVK or there is a tutorial to fully zoom out alt tab in n out and then it fixes
  2. Version 2.0


    Esurient's RTX Patch Included: Custom Compile DXVK | Custom Steam Overlay API | Custom Nvidia Inspector Profile (NIP) DXVK Compile Version: 1.8.1 Overview: This archive includes an up to date version of DXVK (at the time of posting) which has been tested with and without the custom Nvidia inspector profile. DXVK has been compiled from the GitHub source but optimised/altered to work better with TDU2 in terms of offering stability, this is also the aim of the custom Nvidia inspector profile as well as any other items which may be included in this thread, now included Steam Overlay Patch for RTX! What's Included Included in the archive are four folders, "nip Profile - Run Application", "DLLs - Paste Into TestDriveUnlimited2", "Disable Full Screen Optimisation" and "4GB Patch - Select TestDrive2.exe" (Note: If you are afraid to run this exe, you can download it yourself via Google or use VirusTotal to scan the Archive) Installation Text Video Archived Note: Performance may vary on different systems, modifications were tested on a 2070 Super.
  3. Metal, Metalcore, Heavy Metalcore & Deathcore to build on the original Road Rock Radio
  4. Installer Feedback: It could use some work and tweaks. Currently it downloads the ZIP file that it later on copies "TestDrive2.exe, UpLauncher.exe, Language.cpr and "Euro" Folder. This in itself is not an issue and it successfully copies these files. However, the issue comes when the end user wants to create a shortcut, I believe that a previous iteration of this copied a filed named "TDU World Launcher.exe", I assume that this file has been replaced by UpLauncher.exe (custom icon, duh), however the exe was never updated so it still created the shortcut for "%cd%/Test Drive Unlimited 2/TDU World Launcher.exe" Instead of "%cd%/Test Drive Unlimited 2/UpLauncher.exe" Just a Quick Fix
    Nice Collection of Tools, However CPU Control is not needed since Task Manager has the same functionality and any advanced user can also create a .reg file to automatically set the EXEs Affinity. If you are looking for something more advanced, I would recommend "Process Lasso" many people I know swear by this program on 32bit applications and games on AMD processors and Intel, Process Lasso comes with some advantages as well such as automatically balancing process for each core. (Note: Windows has implemented something similar but I've been told it's not as good on 8+ Core CPUs, it will most likely get better with time making this program obsolete in the future) The main question is have you tested the 4GB Patch? I've experimented with the 4GB Patch on other 32bit applications, mainly games relating to UE3 and most of the time this patch will not have any affect due to hard coded parameters such as PoolSize. It's important to note as well that the 4GB Patch only increases Virtual Memory for 32bit applications and not actual RAM. The difference being that Virtual Memory is a portion of your system drive (or what you have set windows to use). On NVMe drives the performance difference is not noticeable and allows games to load more/keep more textures, however milage may vary on this. I have tested the stock game and the highest I've been able to record is 850mb of ram usage, with the 4GB Patch the game didn't go over the 700mb ceiling. This however may just be a placebo due to the testing scenario being conducted with a new save game, which may have contributed to the RAM usage as the starting scenes may not have unloaded correctly. Conclusion: The 4GB Patch is not worth doing as it does not contribute to any performance on the Retail version of the game, this however may change in the future with more complex mods and I suspect this may become a big advantage with the online play aspect is the User has an NVMe or SSD drive in their PC. (being able to retain more custom textures from other players' vehicles and instead of unloading them you "transfer" them to your now Virtual Memory) The other scenario where the 4GB Patch may be a solution is for advanced users who are trying to push the game graphics as much as possible, with mods, custom graphic settings and more. Improvement Suggestion: When it comes to something like this please state why you have chosen to elect to include the 4GB Patch, apart from this you can improve your .bat situation by creating an batch installer and including the game search function so that the installer can find the folder for the user making it much more convenient, this can be achieved with the "For" function, to further this, you can create menus in that batch file so that the user selects an option and then it is moved to his directory, as well as implementing a full game backup/restore option. This would allow you to cut down on the number of files you have in this zip as well as stated before make it more convenient and simpler for the end user. However, this should be something done in spare time or when you're bored, just a suggestion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pack Notes: The .bat files in this zip are simple functions which copy paste each specified file into the parent folder. The uninstall .bat deletes files in the same way. Parent Folder Example in Quotations: /"TDU2"/Downloaded Zip Folder/ Testing Scenario: New Save Game, Completed Intro & First Car Purchase, Drove Around, Head to Head | PATCHED GAME | Loaded Up in The Same Spot, Drove Around, Completed Driving School, Completed First Champion Ship. Graphics: Everything Maxed in Settings. Specs: i7 10th Gen 6 Core (2 Cores Disabled + Custom BIOS), 16 GB Ram, 2070 Super. Intel NVMe (Windows Drive), Samsung Pro 960 (Game Drive).
  5. This Post Was Super Cringe, Hehehe
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