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  1. Here are screenshots how it looks (I made game to work again by using project paradise launcher)[ATTACH]27620[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27620[/ATTACH][ATTACH]27620[/ATTACH]
  2. Hey milli I just downloaded car pack and there is a lot of awesome cars but unfortunately i already witnessed the problem: some cars cockpits are bugged for instance alfa romeo 155 and sport alfa Romeo next to him I don't remember name (it's camera is positioned in the back of seat :/) I don't think I'm lacking any required files P.S. now when I started game 2nd time (I exited to desktop by alt+tab and I couldn't back to game, it was just a black screen when I opened it back so I forced exit) it crash on startup :O
  3. Milli stop it! I was so concerned by your post that we will have to wait much longer :p don't do this again! P.S. When I thought about this project a little bit longer i have concluded that it is like big DLC for this game
  4. It certainly is caused by tool, since everything was fine before, I meant XLR-V and koenigsegg CCR sorry, I am not really specialist when it comes to koenigsegg cars. MagicV8 yes replacement of camera view of cadillac XLR-V for modded bugatti was my intention
  5. Hello, Thank you for answer. To be more precise all I did was: open tool -> vehicle manager -> pick car koenigsegg agera -> tab Camera-IK -> click avaible sets -> cadillac vlx -> camera -> SAVE. And I exited tool trying to start game. When it crushed i tried to bring back old camera of koenigsegg in tool doing same think but choosing koenigsegg camera and saving, but it didn't solve my problem. When I will back to home i am going to try your solution thanks.
  6. Hello could somebody help me? I downloaded Djey modding tool, it was very late at night and all i wanted to do is change my modded vehicle (koenigg -> bugatti veyron) cockpit view. So I've found koenigg car and tried to replace camera view to cadillac vlx since Bugatti mod maker attached file with vlx camera (regular camera was very bugged) i changed it and saved file. Exited tool and started game, unfortunately it crashed on startup i tried to replace camera view for old one but it seems like saving file changed something for other cars not only for this one (btw. I have a lot of modded cars in game). Can somebody tell me what can i do in this situation? What could changed in settings that might causes this problem? I will be greatful for help, I don't wanna uninstall game and search for all mods I had installed throughout all this time...
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