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  1. I had a lot of fun on my first turboduck event, thanks for inviting me to come along! I uploaded my photos and thought I would share them with you. [ATTACH]28274[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28276[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28275[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28277[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28278[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28279[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]28280[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28281[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28282[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28283[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28284[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28285[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28286[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28287[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28288[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28289[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28292[/ATTACH][ATTACH]28290[/ATTACH]
  2. I've added you, but no need to add me as psychoticmammal is pulling me in with him
  3. If we really don't have a host i could start a session and just start adding people, but i will need everyones gamer tag. If we do have a host then just point me in the right direction.
  4. I'm down to get down then, my GT is StephenAtronach! Edit: no exclamation point on my GT btw.
  5. I'm totally down for 19:00 GMT on whatever day.
  6. I am new, (referred by xboyxboy) and I would love to join if I can.
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