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  1. Had this pack installed but a lot of cars was missing and some were seriously broken. Followed the instructions to the letter but still huge problems. Any idea?
  2. No need for help any more. TDU2 Is gone from my PC,this time for good.
  3. After hours of searching,file by file that's not the case. I'm giving up of the search for the cause...I'm just tired of that. There's something else...Gallardo LP570 has it's own bug...when driving with auto transition ,the gearbox gets stuck in a gear for some time,sometimes even for a whole 5-6 seconds. Reving like crazy at 8000 rpm. And it's doing it in all gears. When on manual,no problems.
  4. I was able to dig out something. When I start up my packed version of the game,both features are there,but of course ,cars from the patch are not. Unpacked,cars and all the changes that came with the patch are there with above mentioned problems. Hilarious...
  5. So,now you are saying that I did something wrong? Don't make me angry.please. Downloaded the patch,exe thing did it's job and THAT'S IT. Nothing ,and I mean nothing else. So,I guess this beautiful patch has some serious bugs or errors,or it's just one big nothing. --- Post Updated --- Almost forgot,I can't even move my cars from one garage to another...that feature is also removed with this patch.
  6. I can't sell the cars I don't need. That feature is removed with this patch. What the hell ,are u all crazy?
  7. Is there any car at this forum that doesn't require some patch?
  8. Is it possible that I'm the only person in the world which have a serious problems with mods for TDU2. OUt of all mods here,none and I mean NONE is working on my TDU2. Unpacked correctly,everything is there. Installed correctly but nothing is changed. I'm totally desperate now. Don't even know what to do next to make those mods working. So,please is there any way? Thanks.
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