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  1. In my experience, no, you don't need the Megapack. In my case, I had a legally bought copy from when it first came out, but I lost the email with the activation key and the download. All I did was install the base game from the original DVD and then overwrite the Test Drive Unlimited folder with the one from TDU Platinum. And then overwrite the files again with the 4GB executables; works like a dream.
  2. I've got TuneIn radio running in the background, tuned to Planet Rock (UK).
  3. Hope this works - haven't tried it before! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j6zSLOV0g6JgCII15LSnKS0T1nTcxy13/view?usp=sharing
  4. Just come across a small bug with one of the hidden cars. It seems to be holding onto 4th and 5th gear too long when in auto mode (I don't own a wheel, and manual shifting with a keyboard is a P.I.T.A.), meaning it's bouncing off the rev limiter at 147 / 185MPH, instead of chaging up. You can change up manually though. Frustratingly, it doesn't do it when you first start driving it. For me, the easiest way to make it happen is running "180 MPH in Heavy Traffic" and retrying the mission immediately after successfully completing it (I tend to use the "Turn 180 Degrees at the Start" trick to make this mission easier).
  5. Not sure if this was an "Easter Egg" or something, and I'm certainly not complaining, but I just completed the "Tour of the Island" race with the Merecedes CLK GTR . As this event is now one of my favourite money-makers, I have played it several times already, but never before encountered the following: One of the AI was called Daniel, and he was driving a Saleen S7. This bloke was driving like Lewis Hamilton (perhaps it was Daniel Riciardo?); perfect lines, hardly any mistakes, absolutely flying! I hit about 260 MPH (420-ish KMH) in his slip stream, and finally beat him after the 120 miles by about 1 second!! The rest of the AI drivers were about 20 miles behind, as usual. Absolutely loving it!!!
  6. OK, I think I have found a work around for when you can't press "Next" after winning a race. I've just done "Head To Head Is The Only Way" twice, and had the error where you can't press next, but when you move the mouse, it moves the camera around at the finish line. This has happened both times. The first time, I tried to press next and it didn't work, exited the game and it didn't give me the reward or show the race as complete when reloaded. The second time, I left the game running, and eventually the second place guy "Colt" crossed the finish line and stopped 520 yards ahead, off the screen - the other cars never seemed to finish the race, despite me waiting for about a minute. On exiting and restarting the game (via the ESC menu), I had received the reward money and race completion gold cup. If others encounter this issue, perhaps try letting the 2nd place guy finish before exiting the game via the ESC menu, and see if this works.
  7. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone involved in making this mod, it's brought TDU to a whole new level. One question though - why does the 1960's Fiat 595 Abarth EsseEsse become a Class E when it's level 3 Abarth tuned? Much as I love driving the little rollerskate, it's barely fast enough to be a Class F!
  8. Gotta say, the Karmann Ghia is one of my favourite cars for cruising round in - admittedly, fully tuned though.
  9. Speaking for myself, I enjoy driving the "weirder" vehicles in TDU. I've always thought it'd be fun to do a lap of the island in a Citroen 2CV... might take a while though :lol: For example, I've recently been hooning around in a Ford Transit van, which I'd actually fitted with Bugatti Veyron underpinnings - had to redo the suspension though, as it kept trying to fall over for some reason when cornering at 200+ mph :nuts:
  10. Hi Milli You mentioned you have completed the McLarens. Will Platinum use the same model P1 as TDUCP, as for me this is another car that is unusable after a couple of minutes due to game slow-down & graphics corruption followed by the game crapping out (sorry for the "technical" term there!). I'm guessing this was another of Miha's mods? Just a pity for me, as it is my favourite real-life car - probably because I spend a great deal of my working life in Woking, where the McLaren factory is and I see McLarens in real life quite frequently (though not many P1's, sadly!)
  11. Awesome work as usual! Whilst you're adding 4x4s (or SUVs if you prefer) would it be possible to add "The Best 4 By 4 By Far", the Range Rover. Preferably the Range Rover Sport SVR? Also just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird. In my game, the road suddenly disappears and the game starts stuttering. It seems to be the only car which does it though?? I have a modern pc with plenty of ram, BigBnks is activated but it does it every time after driving a few miles... Cheers
  12. Thanks Milli. This idiot here spent ages going through all his downloaded files for the Community Pack, looking for the bike bot fix (obviously in vain!), not realising I had to download it from the Google drive. Works like a dream now!
  13. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems getting the race "Triumph Day" to run after installing the Community Mod? I can't seem to see it mentioned anywhere. I get 2 or 3 opponents appear on the grid and the game just sits there. I've even tried with different profiles...
  14. Hi I'm another old hand at this game but new to the forum and thank you for the wonderful mod to this great game! I can't seem to find anywhere this bug has been described by someone else, but sometimes while test driving cars in showrooms, I end up with a red headed "bird" sitting on my lap/head and I can't see through her... it definitely happens with the Audi Ur Quattro (picture attached). [ATTACH]28271[/ATTACH] I must admit I am running Test Drive Unlimited Gold as a hard drive failure meant I lost my original MegaPack download and licence key and this was the only version I could still buy. Cheers
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