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  1. I just hope no one gets injured or killed in the race to 300, the hennessey venom f5 is hoping to hit that mark, but wouldn't be the fastest production car unless they make over 25 units if I'm not mistaken? Still very awesome for koenigsegg, I always liked those cars and the maker is a cool guy.
  2. Ok thanks, I'll try those suggestions out!
  3. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this but I needed to ask, Is there any way to reduce or eliminate the glare of the light above the car? I can't remember if it was like this before I downloaded project paradise or not, but I seem to remember being able to play in chase camera view and actually see through the windshield and back window, now it's so darn bright I can't see anything but glare on the top half of the car unless I'm under a tree. Is there any help for this? Is it supposed to be this way?
  4. If it's necessary I can request someone else to build the model, is there a certain range of polys the high quality models should be around?
  5. I don't know if anyone here is able to do 3d modeling, but one might be able to change just a few things from the 512 TR without needing a whole model from scratch. The car is a 1994 Ferrari F512 Modificato, the last model in the Testarossa lineup and one of my personal favorites. I haven't seen a request for it so here's one. Front:[ATTACH]28711[/ATTACH] Rear:[ATTACH]28712[/ATTACH] Side:[ATTACH]28713[/ATTACH] 3/4:[ATTACH]28714[/ATTACH] Interior [ATTACH]28715[/ATTACH] interior 2 [ATTACH]28716[/ATTACH] Thanks for any help in getting the car into this awesome game. Stats; Weight: 3207.7 lbs Height: 44.68 inches Length: 176.37 inches Width : 77.79 inches Front wheel track: 60.35 inches Rear wheel track: 64.72 inches Power: 440.0 @ 6750 Torque: 368.8 ft-lb @ 5500 Performance; Top speed: 195.7 mph 0-62 4.7 sec
  6. Pardon the newb question, but what do physics changes work on exactly?
  7. Mars

    Hello there

    ahh man, i knew someone would hold me to that! lol
  8. I think what he meant was when earning money is all you do it gets old quick, as in working 15 hours a day :p
  9. Mars

    Ferrari F512M

    Ah no wonder, I was trying to post there but couldn't see that. :P Appreciate the help bro.
  10. Mars

    Hello there

    Thanks! Now i gotta start downloading some cool mods, any must haves i should know about?
  11. I'm new and have questions. I want to install this cool pack, but i'm not sure what all i have to install? this pack says i must have 1.68b installed and ProjectParadise with bigbnks activated, how do i activate them? The link to patch 1.68b doesn't work for me and says i must have carmegapack also and i cant find that either. Can anyone help me?
  12. Hey guys, I get the impression that there are many talented modders here, I'd really like to see the ferrari f512m included into either tdu1 or 2 or both, whichever is fine. I'd also like to see the 512tr in tdu2 but at the moment I'd really like the 512m in either or both games. Would that be a problem for anyone?:cool: [ATTACH]28608[/ATTACH] Beauty on wheels
  13. Hey guys, I'm mark, I enjoy racing games and modding communities I hope we have fun here and there are plenty of cool people to interact with!
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