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  1. If anything their the same performance with little to no variation just different body kits
  2. Thanks for posting this cause I ran into this problem earlier today and didn't know what to do at all
  3. Why does everyone seem to use depositfiles.com? this website kind annoys me in the fact that you have to always wait an arbitrary amount of minutes to download another file is there a way around this?
  4. Hello everyone Im new and am looking to get into modding tdu2 on my newly built gaming PC after having played tdu2 on consoles I new the PC version would be leagues better seeing as it has mod support from the tdu2 community. I like cars and video games what more can i say? my favorite racing game of all time would have to be Need For Speed Most Wanted 05 Racing Games I Like To Play: Need For Speed (MW "05, Carbon, NFS 15', UG2, and occasionally Pro Street) Test Drive (of course) Gran Turismo (3, 4, 5, 6, and Sport) Midnight Club (3 and L.A.) Tokyo Xtreme Racer ( 3 )
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