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  1. Hah! Chevrolet is done but for Supercharged one We need Corvette_C5_ENG From Carbon Or Just en_acl_82.gin as SuperchargedAudio.bnk :p
  2. dat (VW samba van) tho --- Post Updated --- People that dont know about Car Converting: ''Import BRZ Tuning to GT86 And FRZ''
  3. Thats good to know actually I dont even want it too I want Z06 Carbon but it seems noboddy made it
  4. Milli a friend of mine is converting Fiat Multipla (some nibbers wants it in platinum) So yes or not?
  5. wuet this thread had 106 readers in 2017 now its 87 in this year i cri evri tim :cry:
  6. Yeah And my Honda NSX-R GT got broke :( its now Acura NSX Type S :cry:
  7. No Xbox versions aint moddable unless if you have jtagged Xbox
  8. Would love to have new traffic and cop cars also lol Btw How do modders convert cars? do they use zmodeler or toolkit or something?? I wanna know!
  9. This thing how i can say? is way better than ucp (same cars but new cars will inculded also) i have a question tho when someone create toolkit for this game? because for nfs the nfsu360 does it and its so cool! maybe with toolkit we can convert cars easier (I want scion frs lol)
  10. Also milli how about creating a discord server for this thing? Tho i think you should because why not? Get a discord and i maybe taking you to canyon teach you lesson once for all ok ok ok im kidding lol I guess you create it and my role suggestions are ''Helpers'' the ones who helped you ''Waiters'' download waiters xd and ''Members'' turboduck members perhaps? lol
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