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  1. TDU2 seems harder to mod and hack than TDU1.
    Specially because Eden Games (Actually Atari is to Blame) has encrypted all base files for modding.

    And we need to look a bit around, but the modding community for TDU1 and 2 is not the same anymore, since many mods has been stolen, great mod creators retired, among other things..

    And TDU1 and 2 DOES NOT have a modding community like GTA, post-2002 NFS and BeamNG has, which has script mods, vehicle mods, effects, ect almost every week.

    TDU2 is cool, has a fancier world, has a better SP campaign (PS2/PSP TDU1 has the best SP Campaign in a racing game ever IMHO), but TDU1 is more customizable and less painful to edit assets, make mods, ect...

    Also, I DOUBT someone has the guts to reverse engineer the code and stuff, specially because if they do, MOST LIKELY they'll be lawsuited by BOTH Atari (since they still own the assets and resources for TDU1 and 2) and BigBen Games (since they CURRENTLY own the IP).

    And honestly, i wouldn't put hopes with more cars since no one posted a tutorial for add car slots to TDU2, and besides that, the dealership and customization system is much more different than in TDU1.

    TDU2 has an multiplayer mode, but Atari has shut down.


  2. TDU PSP Soundtrack (Radio)

    This TDU1 Mod replaces the PC Radio Stations by the PSP and PS2 Radio Stations and Music (With the exception of Radio Classik, which is the least used radio in all the TDU versions).

    All the PC songs are still present in the game with this mod, however read note below:

    The Gavin Parker and Marshall Parker's Composed Music (Maximum Beats, Phat Grooves and Chill Vibes) are in the TDU Soundtrack Station (Replacing Radio Bot)
    The PS2's Smashtrax, Johnny Panic and The View songs, along with the All-Platforms Boy Kill Boy and Broken Dolls songs and PC Only Seether and Vanlustbader are in the Radio Rock Station (Replacing Radio Classik)
    The PS2's Smashtrax and QOTSA + Uncle songs, along with the All-platforms Sgt Rock, Howie B songs and PC Only Roots Manuva songs are in the Radio D-Jay Station (Replacing Radio Djey)
    And finally, the PS2's Pazant Bros songs, along with the All-Platforms Jr. Walker and Preston Love songs and PC Only Yonderboi and Cerrone songs are in the Sweet Radio Station (Which did not really needed a Replacement, Since it's Called Sweet Radio on All Platforms)

    Recommended mods:
    1. TDU Platinum
    2. PS2/PSP UI Sounds
    3. PS2 Menu Themes

    Please read The Read-Me before installing.


  3. Hello Milli!

    Nice job you're doing!

    I'm from Brazil too.

    But I would like to make a little question.

    Is TDU Platinum going to be compatible with 2.00 Community Patch?

    Also, is this pack going to be playable on Multiplayer?


    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    I would like to give some suggestions.

    I think it would be nice to see Australian Cars, like the Ford XB Falcon and the Vauxhall Monaro VXR8 (HSV GTO, in Australia)

    I also would like to see better traffic cars, something more realistic and less paperlike.


    Thank you!

    Good luck.

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