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  1. Hi Dextcloud :) Thanks comment & I love your sound mod. This is a mix of real and game. OH sorry...fixed youe self on VPE
  2. ↓My VPE setting data sample for Carrera GT
  3. This car is not included in UCP&Auto Pack, you need to add it yourself Replace→RUF RK_Spyder Sample//https://youtu.be/T1kl_hI1v6o
  4. Make original file back up,Enjoy :) //https://youtu.be/BqSp1fPNn3k
  5. Make back up original file,enjoy ;) Sample→youtu.be/pTiixs9W99c
  6. Make original file back up,enjoy :) //https://youtu.be/tqWudxDwtoY
  7. Original file back up. and Enjoy :) //https://youtu.be/I_BlIvhHqb4 //https://youtu.be/CUH2_9VpQTo
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