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  1. Today i tried the same thing on a friends Laptop. Worked there without any problems. Tried to use the files from his laptop then on my pc but sadly it crashes then directly with an error message: The requested information is not available because the process has ended. Maybe my Antivirus still somehow gets in there or something else is wrong entierly. So in the end i will install Windows completely new next weekend and see what happens then. And thanks binbow for trying to help me.
  2. The problem with the unpacking is the whole unpacked stuff i have in the end is only 144MB which is nowhere near the supposed to be 16GB. And the folder named Unknown_bin for example is empty. What i also saw in the log of the .big files now is that it states the following: " the file is bigger than 2 gigabytes, it should work correctly but contact me or the author of the script......." but maybe that is normal.
  3. During the process there are errors displayed in the GUI but not with a popup and after around 1 minute it already downloads the universal launcher. This is what is displayed after "completion": Output folder: C:\MOD Created uninstaller: C:\MOD\TDU2_Unpacked_Uninstall.exe Copying main files... Create folder: C:\MOD Create folder: C:\MOD\Euro Create folder: C:\MOD\Euro\Bnk Create folder: C:\MOD\Euro\Bnk\Video Create folder: C:\MOD\Euro\Shaders Copy to C:\MOD\Euro\Bnk\Video Copy to C:\MOD\Euro\Shaders Copy to C:\MOD Copy to C:\MOD Copy to C:\MOD Copy failed Copy failed Copy to C:\MOD Copy failed Copy to C:\MOD Copy to C:\MOD Copy to C:\MOD Copy to C:\MOD Copy to C:\MOD Copy to C:\MOD Extract: quickbms.exe... 100% Extract: xmbf.bms... 100% Extract: arrange.bat... 100% Extract: filelist.log... 100% Extracting bigfile_EU_1.big ... Extracting bigfile_EU_2.big ... Extracting bigfile_EU_3.big ... Extracting bigfile_EU_4.big ... Extracting bigfile_EU_5.big ... Extracting TDU2v082.big ... Extracting TDU2v083.big ... Extracting TDU2v086.big ... Extracting TDU2v097.big ... Extracting TDU2DLCEXPLOv017.big ... Extracting TDU2DLCEXPLOv023.big ... Extracting TDU2DLCEXPLOv024.big ... Extracting TDU2DLCEXPLOv027.big ... Extracting TDU2DLC2v025.big ... Extracting TDU2DLC2v026.big ... Extracting TDU2DLC2v028.big ... Extracting TDU2DLC2v031.big ... Arranging extracted files ... Game Unpacked! Downloading TDU2 Universal Launcher... Installing TDU2 Universal Launcher... Create shortcut: C:\Users\Public\Desktop\TDU2 UniLauncher.lnk Delete file: quickbms.exe Delete file: xmbf.bms Delete file: arrange.bat Delete file: filelist.log Completed
  4. I tried to unpack my tdu2 but it always fails to do so. (no files in unknown_bin and the folder where it gets extracted to is only 144MB) all .log files have "" - error in src\quickbms.c line 8623: dumpa_direct_copy() Error: Not enough space "" in them at the end. Thought all my hdd have more then 100gb free space so space shouldn't be a problem. Already tried runnying as admin/ not as admin / deactivating UAC / diffrent hdd / diffrent folders always the same errors. If its also helpful i use Win7 64-bit and my tdu2 is from Steam. Does anyone know a solution?
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