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  1. There´s nothing on that link. Is there another?
  2. Before I started to modify cars, I made a copy folder od whole game. So I should try to bring original car from this folder to the game?
  3. Hello, I have a problem with TDUPE. For no reason it changed one modded car to "Resource not found". For about 2 moths everything was OK, and now this. I have good Instalation directory, everything should be all right. I am not even able to change name of that car in any way. And because of this, I have a problem with TDUMT Vehicle Manager - it says: Index is out of range etc., so I have to use unmodded car names. But the game is working properly, and in-game is even used modded name. What should I do? I have version 1.68b, Project Paradise mod and Windows 10.
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