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  1. That Alfa is a really beautiful looking car. And even when it's covered in dirt from racing around, it somehow looks even better!
  2. I've only watched a small bit of The Highwayman so far but I like how you go about making these videos. They're more raw than the jump-cut, fake reaction type that is everywhere these days. :) You got a lot of great pics too.
  3. I've never found the AMG GT to be a good looking car but somehow your pics are changing that view. And tell the truth, this is a real shot that you've stuck a GT logo on, right? ;)
  4. I like how you have pics of cars you don't really see others show. And you appear to have a flair for capturing cars from behind as they race down the track, as those shots are really good! :p
  5. I cannot believe the realness on display in some of these.
  6. I am going to be spending too much time looking through this lot. It looks like everything you can imagine has been seen. :loveit:
  7. I am incredibly jealous of some of you and your cool cars.
  8. I am liking what is being said and shown here from you two about this. Good luck and I really like the idea of watching a project like this develop from its beginnings. :p
  9. Forza demos are usually pretty solid and are only done to make the wait for the game that bit more tolerable imo. :) The advert was fun, even if I did find myself wondering whether we are supposed to know who these people are? :oook: As for the choice, well I would be running straight for that Huayra. :loveit:
  10. That does look good. The controller kind of seems unfinished until you see the whole thing and that there is black on the reverse.
  11. From the title I was not expecting the level that is shown in these images.
  12. Your thread has some of the best images of this game I have ever seen! Some of them even look real.
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