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  1. A bit late, but just tried that race, "130 mph downtown", and was able to achieve 207 km/h (which is about 129 mph, but the game just requires 202 km/h when you use the metric system, which is about 126 mph lmao) in my third try. The trick is to do the camera right after the curved road twice. Once you hit the final one, just run back to the one prior to it.
  2. I know it's not right to complain about free stuff but... I get disconnected a lot from the server. It gives me the "TDU servers are not available right now" message a lot. The game seems to not give a fuck, and it comes back on quickly, actually. Was just wondering if that's normal behavior or if something's wrong on my end and that I should check it out. Apart from that, everything's smooth. Great job, again. Definitely Mod of the Year... if it was on ModDB.
  3. It's been too long since I last drove through the virtual island of Oahu. It's been at least a couple of months since I last was here. Got a new laptop and now I'm downloading Platinum again, and I was wondering if I need to download all of the patches one by one, or if I can just jump to the latest one? Does it include all of the bug fixes and new features of the patches before it? One more thing. The new iPhones... I mean, is it possible to a create an online account now? I didn't get to create one back when GameSpy were still in business, sadly.
  4. Didn't see your reply. Thought no one has replied yet. Anyway, I was here for a question. I can't seem to get the Aventador SV to do 0-100km/h in less than 3 sexonds, no matter how much I try. It's no big deal but it just kinda annoys me. Especially when it's supposed to do it faster than 3 or 3.1 seconds. I'm using a keyboard and Sport mode, if that has anything to do with it.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, that's a feature. It was implemented way back, with an old patch, I think. They did it so cops can show up during online gameplay or something.
  6. I did take a Honda NSX to a B Class race and had my jaw hitting the floor when I saw an Aventador, Veneno, 488, McLaren F1 and a LaFerrari. I was like, "Alright... the 5th place doesn't seem that bad all of a sudden." But it was a great feeling taking the lead with a 20+ seconds difference.
  7. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a feature or not, but I'm noticing cars from higher classes than what the race is designated to in said race(s). Imagine going to a B Class race and facing a Chiron lol
  8. I see now. I don't care about a light theme since I'm using a system-wide dark theme. The dark theme goes well with it. Good luck with the light theme resurrection, anyway.
  9. So, which theme option is everyone using? The default one, or the default one?
  10. Alright... where to start? Let's start by saying "wow": WoOoW! This is insane! You've really outdone yourself this time, Milli. Thanks A LOT, TDU Platinum is the remake this game needed, to put it simple. Great work. Thanks again. Now, let's start some detailed talk. I've been playing Platinum for a day now and it's been amazing. I downloaded it at 7 AM and gave it a try. By the time I was done, I noticed it was 11 AM already. This is how good that test drive of Platinum was. Somethings that I was really impressed by: 1. The fucking number of cars in there. Damn... just damn. 2. The cockpit view camera. The fact that you actually sat down and did every camera for every car. Damn... again. This was actually one of the reason why I didn't really enjoy or even try all the cars in Ultra Community pack. 3. The way SUVs drive. Okay, not their driving physics, but the way they maneuver when braking and steering. It's actually better than TDU2, and that game had SUV built-in; SUV had their own physics their. They felt like some track-focused... or should I say, "glued"? Those things probably had more downforce than an F1 car. 4. I tried some of the cars, and the ones that really had me go, "Wow... this is actually amazing," were the Ferrari 458 and 488 ones. Who made those models? They're insane. And the sound... Dear god, that sound. Fuck... too many cars and too little time. Before I finish, a little glitch I noticed with one of the Rookie level races. It's the Classic race just below The Enzo Ferrari transport mission. When you're done, the game just stays at the first finish screen. Next won't do anything, the camera won't switch to your character standing next to your car. I did find a walk around, just change to a different profile and then back. The game will have it saved, and you'll noticed you've actually won the race. Alright, this is it for now. I know, I'm not that much of a talker, really lol, but I wanted to say thanks, this is really amazing. You and all the modders deserve a medal or something.
  11. Tried doing a quick look around, but I didn’t find someone else that mentioned this or had this problem. If there is a thread in which they have found a fix for this, I’ll gladly take a look at it. But to the issue at hand, I’ve replaced the Bugatti Veyron SS with the Chiron Sport in the Ultra Community Pack by Milli and... the car won’t shift gears now. I can do it manually but I tend to use automatic when racing or just cruising around. I use manual when doing Speed Traps, or whatever they’re called... the ones where you have to pass through a bunch of cameras at the highest speed possible.
  12. Here I am again. I need help again finding a specific file. What’s the LaFerrari’s bnk file? I looked for it for quite a while but couldn’t find it. I found its rims’ file, but not the car’s ones.
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