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  1. AlexJ96

    Gear shifting problem

    Thanks, Milli. Appreciate the help.
  2. Tried doing a quick look around, but I didn’t find someone else that mentioned this or had this problem. If there is a thread in which they have found a fix for this, I’ll gladly take a look at it. But to the issue at hand, I’ve replaced the Bugatti Veyron SS with the Chiron Sport in the Ultra Community Pack by Milli and... the car won’t shift gears now. I can do it manually but I tend to use automatic when racing or just cruising around. I use manual when doing Speed Traps, or whatever they’re called... the ones where you have to pass through a bunch of cameras at the highest speed possible.
  3. AlexJ96

    What are you listening to?

    These are some of the songs/music that I’m listening to at the moment:
  4. Idk if this is a good or bad thing but... I just hit something like 421 km/h with a LaFerrari ( Which I like more than my favorite car, the Aventador-esp.The S one-, just because of how well its done and the sound is great!). The car was stock and you can upgrade it... as if it’s not fast or good enough. Anyway, awesome LaFerrari, Star! Really like it.
  5. Great work, Star! And anyone who helped in the making of it. --- Post Updated --- Probably because you need 5 Veyrons to beat a CCXR xD Edit: Does anyone else feel like 918 Spider sounds like a Carrera GT more than a 918? In the mod, that is.
  6. AlexJ96

    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

    Well, you know better than me when it comes down to cars.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, Diablo.
  8. AlexJ96


    Hi turboduck, I'm Ali. How are ya'll? (What a generic introduction...)
  9. AlexJ96

    TDU2: Unofficial Patch v0.4

    This thread is 133 pages long so I didn’t go through every single page and post to see if someone had mentioned this... Okay. Overall, the mod is great. It really does fixes alot of what eden didn’t, it was a great decision to try it out... But I think that the Camaro ZL1 should be a A2 class car, shouldn’t it? I mean that’s what I think, it’s a little too fast to be an A3 car and (this might nitpicky or it might be upto personal preference, idk) I think that the Aventador’s cockpit camera is a bit too low, I mean shouldn’t the viewing be a bit narrower? (Like the rest of same body layout cars? Except Paganis in this game). The rest of the cars cockpit views are insanely good, they’re even better than the original games’ cars’ cockpit view. Overall, enjoying the mod so much, thanks for taking the time to create it and thanks for anyone who took time to create anything car mod or any kind of mods used in this, it’s amazing! Edit: Just to clear things up, what I meant by “narrower” is that I’m supposed to see less through the glass in front of me or see more of the interior (you know, having my had a bit more backward... It’s just what I think, I’m not bashing your patch or anything... It’s amazing, in fact.