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  1. Hi Milli, I tried all the tuning shops for aston martin and none of them work, do I need to change my update to 2.00?
  2. Hi all, I tried messing with the money hack on my profile in hex editor from what I can find on how to do it. But seem to get it wrong. Anyone fancy helping a guy out and adding 20 million dollars to my account, please? 1st file is player save 2nd file is player save 2 Thanks you very much
  3. Hi Milli, You have done an amazing job on this package, I did notice a couple of things, please see below for details: Lamborghini Superleggera, once in 6th the speed drops below 223 and states 260 ish once tuned Aston martin, no tuning option mclaren 675 speed stats are wrong or any other mclaren car have no tuning options and buggatti no tuning option These are the only ones I can remember, I will do a full write up next time I play
  4. Hey guys thanks for the help, I noticed some of the cars stats are wrong and some of the tuning upgrades are missing for a large chunk of them, is this going to be looked at again?
  5. Hi could someone shed some light on my issue. I have an old cd version of tdu and I've installed it with 2.00 patch with or without I cannot load the game with bigbnk or any other options in project paradise? I'm running win 10 install tdu 1.45 extract full patch 2.00 add paradise files to folder
  6. Ive tried without the ultra pack and still have the same issue. I install tdu 1.45 do patch 2.00 add paradise files and the game still wont launch with bigbnk, am I missing something? --- Post Updated --- Also when extracting all the files for the patch 2.00 there are a lot of can not output files?
  7. Thanks. Can you help me, I cant have big bnk option on as the game wont load. Without it the game will crash after taking a modded car for test drive or a period time? this is my mod install: copy of tdu from cd with 1.45 patch no megapack included install 2.00 full tducpc add ultra car pack copy project paradise files to the tdu folder windows 10 i5 390x
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