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  1. I always used Spotify lol. I'll try without it when I get time.
  2. Thanks for the info, finally I can sleep well haha. I also had the same problem with 996 911 GT3. Another car I like with issues. If I was you I would propably get rid of them but those are obviously very iconic cars and the game would suffer a bit.
  3. Hi! It's been a while since I made a post here. So, I'm having a small issue with the mod. I was going through the career, completing races etc. My first car was Audi TT, old in game one, then I bought 2005 Mustang and all was going well. That was until I bought an AE86 (Initial D fan obviously). I tuned it and it seems it has a Supra engine now, very cool. The problem is that now every time after around 20-30 minutes, sometimes less the game starts to stutter and lag, it drops to like 5fps and becomes unplayable. Before that it works flawlessly in 60fps with no issues at all. At first I thought I had a problem with the game itself, I tried many things but nothing worked. After a while I did the most obvious thing and went back to 2005 Mustang, game worked well. First thought was that my laptop doesn't like modded cars but I bought an EVO 8. Model is amazing, more detailed I think than the 86 (which wasn't bad at all). The most surprising fact is that I've been driving it for a while withoust issues. Milli, could you check the 86? There could be something wrong with that car (maybe there are other cars with that issue). Upgrade it (not sure if that has anything to do with the issue), drive for a while, do some driving missions. Maybe you'll be able to reproduce it and find a fix. Or at least fix it in the Platinum mod... Thank you for your hard work!
  4. Good suggestion, I was driving an AE86 lately, maybe that's the case.
  5. Sorry for double posting. Nothing worked. I cleared the radial file, no effect, I even turned off the v-sync and turned it on in my video card (I played once like that) but it still happens sadly.
  6. I know and I have vsync enabled in the Project Paradise menu, it runs at 60 fps I'll try with the radial file. There was a time on the same install and the same laptop when those things didn't happen. It pretty much breaks the game, it turns into a slideshow, people mics start to stutter, roads change textures, hell breaks loose pretty much. It starts running on like 4-6 fps.
  7. Having the same problem. 940M, I5 5200u and 8gb RAM, not an amazing setup but should be enough for this game. Works almost butter smooth (some small stutter sometimes but not very often) on 900p with everything maxed out with no AA, even online suddenly works well (cars don't lag, most names red) but after a while, no matter what I do (mission, randon cruising on and offline) the performance starts dropping like crazy after some time (about 15 minutes usually). It happens quick but gradually and the game becomes unplayable, the textures start glitching as well, especially road. I have no idea why it happens. At first I thought it was only in online but then it also happened in offline. I'm ready to just give up on this game but decided to write here. I have TDU Ultra Community pack and Project Paradise, installed according to instructions.
  8. I'm having a problem, after a while of the online play game starts to drop frames terribly, almost slideshow like. The laptop is not overheating, isn't even getting loud and it happens only in TDU Ultra and propably only with Online
  9. Great to see the progress and new cars. :D If only something could be done about the AI we would have a near perfect game. They are braindead, crashing into traffic and not being able to take corners properly, very easy to defeat. It's a great cruising game though and with so many cars It's just brilliant.
  10. I like this idea, the more options the better. Thanks :)
  11. I noticed a bug with Toyota Supra (maybe other cars too) tune shop. The car comes with bodykit only in the first stage of tuning, in second and third it has stock look. Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong.
  12. Thanks. I tried to forward the port 8889. Gave my laptop static IP, wrote it in the "Target IP Adress" and in both target and public port range wrote "8889-8889". Also set the protocol to "Both". Yet when I go to some site to check the port... one of them said it's closed and other said it's flitered... :/
  13. My name is Piotr (Polish version of Peter). I enjoy playing racing game from time to time. My current favourites are TDU and Forza Horizon 3 (Forza 7 was sadly a disappointment for now). I was always (more or less) interested in cars. It's cool to be here so far. :cool:
  14. Wouldn't say It's worse than 6 but It seems way less polished. The most annoying to me are the sounds. Some are worse than 6 and shared across multiple cars. (I don't know if it was talked about here, many soundfiles are shared across quite a few cars and those cars had their unique sounds in FH3 and FM6...) It's because while most bugs will get fixed over time via. updates the sounds may just stay as they are (maybe they would fix few cars but there are quite a few to fix...)
  15. I'll need to look for something quicker then. Thanks for the clarifying. Nice to hear that the TDU Platinum is developed, do you plan to release it before 2018? Just asking, would be fine if you need more time. :) Also, does anyone here play online? I may not be a good member of the community :sad: (I have to sadly admit that my game is not really legal but it all works and since it's an older no longer officialy sold game... I find downloading those morally ok, not proud of it but ok, everyone has their own opinion about it though, I also believe you need to use the nocd anyway on Windows 10 because of the securom no longer working, still I'm sorry) but it would be cool to cruise around and have some races one day. (I've seen some online cars lagging though) This game (other than the AI) really holds up well today. Especially the car models look nice and it has that amazing atmosphere in the showrooms. I can play it alongside Forza Horizon 3 and it even beats it in few aspects. I still remember dreaming about this game because my PC was far too weak to run it back then. ;)
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