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  1. yeah i entered the code on activateaddson but nothing happen ryzza the green peper edition come with the megapack theres a few for sale on amazon.de
  2. also when i check in the game file everything seem normal all the dlc car are there but not in the game its really weird
  3. hi, anyone have problem with the green peper edition bonus pack installer ? im only getting half the cars im supposed to get in that pack
  4. go look on amazon.de there's brand new copy with the megapack included
  5. i found a way to fix my game :) if anyone have the same probleme as me all you need to do is to uninstall installshield wizard file and then start the setup to install tdu.
  6. hi, i try to install tdu 1 on my pc but the installer close and i get this message after it finish downloading installshield wizard (the installer was interrupted before tdu could be completely installed). I have an original cd in perfect condition, i tried compatibility mode but nothing work. anyone have a solution ? thanks
  7. wow very nice mod, could you give me the link to download it ?
  8. hi, anyone could suggest me a well made hot rod mod for tdu 1. thx
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