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  1. Come home.. insane one..

  2. I got no idea what you just said but you got nice pics and that's all I need to see. :)
  3. It's funny reading some of these requests as I've been asking people for feedback and offering up these exact opportunities over the years. :oook: The things this place half-assed by my own admission were: :p Gallery - members do like to share their stuff but when it's pretty static in regards to getting comments and feedback then they lose interest Downloads - like was said above, the legalities was what turned me away from this but there are other sites doing it so it must be one of those grey areas that doesn't get attention unless it's causing a financial impact
  4. Hey all, I have been taking time out to explore new avenues and also enjoying the recent bout of decent weather that's been here the last few days. And I, like many of you, was surprised to hear that the :duck: again has a new owner. However, I don't think it has been in better hands! From what @Diablo has told me and the direct approach to the members of the community itself through this topic, I feel like, even though it's cliché to say, that the duck can really fly under their direction. Hearing that they themselves have a community that has been going on a while and also that they have proper development credentials really does bode well in many areas. As let's face it, that was an area I always scraped by in. The site and forum did use to play nice together, with a working SSO between the previous board software and WordPress but again it was my lack of writing worth that made that start to fall by the wayside. We did have good people who contributed a piece here and there but again the drive in them was lost and was left to me, and I hate that I couldn't do it, in fact, I found it a real struggle. And it was this that led me to upgrading to Xenforo as the benefits to the community of that outweighed the negatives for me. Even though I had to mad scientist together something that made WordPress recognise the visitor as a member and at what level. I really live by trial and error! :lol: A chatbox is a cool thing to have on a community but when people start to take it for granted and use it in ways it isn't meant to be then it becomes troublesome. Part of the reason for passing on turboduck for me was for someone to come in with no sense of loyalty or emotional attachment, and turn things around in this area. I really like the changes and improvements that are planned and hope that I can, in time, get involved more too.
  5. I just have a mental image of you taking pics of these things while a supercar and such drives by. :lol: Good to see progress is still being made on this mate and I wonder if these traffic Smarts will be what the title becomes known for when it eventually arrives. :p
  6. A dentist with exceptional taste as that colour combo is stunning! I really like how the interior and the wheels follow the same sort of look with being mainly black with a touch of yellow.
  7. April 30th Apr – made the Test Drive Unlimited section in the Driving & Racing Games > Archived Titles section READ ONLY as it should be
  8. Excellent shots, buddy. I am liking the in-action shots the best. Cheers for continuing to share. :)
  9. Well... technically you are pool-front and not at the side. :cheeky: I am really liking the chilled out vibe being echoed through the pic, mind. :cool: A stunning location with some glorious scenery, this your second home or something?
  10. Not so sure about that one. After all, it does say it is 'Happy To Ride Hard'. :lol:
  11. The Panamera quite suits being a rugged off-roader. :hmmm: And careful there, you're close to scraping the Volvo's exhaust. :p
  12. I've done the flash drive thing myself but mine was trying to plug it into the power point. :fp: That's quite impressive that this thread bump is older than you Mills, I think I had a more recent thread for stuff like this but it never showed up in a search.
  13. Not needing to keep the VPS any more I signed up for some new hosting elsewhere, unfortunately my mind slipped when I entered in the details for where to receive the new login details of my host. I put the email address of a domain I hosted on the VPS and was using said domain to create the new account on my new host, meaning I didn't get the details because I was trying to have the details sent to an email address that has no active hosting for an account where I am trying to do exactly that. What a paradox! ... and what an idiot I am!! :lol: DAMN! This is some bump BUT at least I searched!
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