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    first impression, awesome. have to unlock the road again though, but that's actually the best part from the tdu2 I know anyways, never raced online since only could drive automatic, and second problem, where do i find the time these days, guess buy an extra watch doesn't help
  1. Personaly I lost fate in Ubisoft/Bluebyte, and frankly i don't want anything from them anymore, even if it was for free
  2. I had the G25 raced TDU with it for a day, sold it and bought logitech gamepads for it, played all tdu with game pad
  3. as soon as TDU server went down I made my online profile an off line profile, used a program for that what ik can't recall but so far it still works fine off line have all my original car, miles etc, use google to search such program can be the other way arround also, never tried that though
  4. get a lot "The page you requested does not exist" from that after a few times it went through and found it thx see if that is gonna work
  5. I got this when click the link Something appears to be missing… The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.
  6. Any change you can re-upload the patch 1.68b?, seems that that patch solve the invisible police cars
  7. That problem stil exist, even after installing TDU Community PATCH 2.00A
  8. Is there a work arround for the activation for tdu ? I have the downloadable version from it and i can't activate it since servers are no more, any idea's?
  9. I use to cheat on console with action replay, not for killing the final boss, just want to see the end as fast I could, however games i liked as wild arms and breath of fire I never cheated
  10. Hello totalnuts, I've just made a (rather shitty) tribute-video to the TDU1-racer totalnuts, which I remember for his racing on the MP-track "grand tantalus" in the Chrysler ME 4-12 without driving aids back in 2009. Are you that guy?
    This is my tribute (atm it's still uploading and processing):


    1. totalnuts


      can be, drove the Chrysler ME 4-12  a lot, had 33k km on it, car was awesome in coners, favorite tracks was in the mountains

      to bad the game doesn´t work wel in offline mode, police cars driving there I just don´t see them, but keep crasing in them though, which is annoying and results in chases which I don´t want

  11. will there ever be a third? atari doesn't exist anymore as far as I know, at least not as it used to be In 2013 the company came into severe financial problems, going back to console, so i doubt there will be ever a third. And if there still comes a third they should pick up tdu 1 and go further from there just new ground and cars same gameplay
  12. sounds familiar, pretty much te same as every NFS they should make a game simular like tdu 1 just other cars an other islands or whatever, just stay off the gameplay bet the severs will be overloaded, screw those story mode
  13. [ATTACH=full]31943[/ATTACH] I know, never the less available on origin Guess ubisoft knows it sucks and try to sell as much as can :)
  14. not spending money on that, unless I have the most powerfull bugspray available, seems ubisoft games always full with bugs however I have Origin access, and who knows maybe the crew 2 comes in the vault one day
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