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  1. Can you send me the Mercedes pack the link is death.
  2. hi i´m a Mercedes fan can yuo send me the Mercedes pack. Because the link ist death for this pack.
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    2. jolo_xd_2004


      Okay, thank you. :-)
    3. Ramon1991cobra


      Hi, I think he's uploading all his Mercedes-Benz mods on this new page http://vrsimperium.com/load/tdu2/mercedes_benz/12
    4. jolo_xd_2004


      Nice, thank you so mutch.
  3. jolo_xd_2004

    Branded HD Billboards (Ibiza ) [v2.5]

    Link is death
  4. jolo_xd_2004

    Features Pack

    Hi, I am looking for the Feature Pack of TDU2. But the link does not exist anymore. Can anybody help me further?