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  1. @africolombiano Ahh thanks !!! I will try to do it without breaking anything !!!!
  2. ohh sh..t ... i can't be so dumb thanks Milli !!! I didn't know that another number could be added or assigned
  3. with tduf I can only choose names from a list but not write it
  4. hello Milli any way to change the names of custom cars? thank you very much for the mod !!!!!! so many years and I keep playing this !!!!!!!!
  5. And how do I change the name and model of the car?
  6. Can you change the names of custom cars? I want to add gumper apollo but I only find the brand not its model or its type thanks!!!!
  7. oh my goodbye now if it stopped loading at last .. I don't know why I was using java version x64 and the patch I think it is for 32 versions well I apologize for all the texts .. is for being noob greetings! !!! to tune without stopping !!!!! thanks for your time !!!!
  8. there the mouse pointer is not shown circling without stopping lol I'm sorry to be so dumb but ... how do I change the name of the vehicle ... I only see the option to change the brand the other problem is that it doesn't save the changes if it's any use and excuse me to insist DatabaseEditor.log
  9. Hi Milli. !! .. if the tduf folder is in the atari folder I managed to install java 10.2 after registering and managed to open the interface but it is loading indefinitely I run it as admin
  10. well finally I could open the application but ... it keeps loading forever ...
  11. OH Dj is an honor to see what you write nice the weird thing is that I uninstalled the java and reinstalled always x64 versions but the error persists I will try again thank you very much for the file
  12. I hope this can help to see if someone can tell me how to fix it
  13. I was seeing images from the tduf editor, they don't look anything like what I saw that it was like a screen of dos
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