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  1. What to say ... amazing? without equal? incomparable work? all I can say is very little .. Milli after so many years I follow your progress with the hope that one day I would be able to play tdu again and now that dream came true thanks to your great effort ... Thank you bring joy to many including me ... thank you very much we love you Milli !!!!!!! Take care !!!!
  2. Hello .. without words I am very happy that there are so many modders doing the impossible to revive a game that is still expectacular .... I thank you in advance for this great effort .. I just learned that you are already going through the lyrics m of the alphabet ha but you would tell me if it is possible to include one of the most beautiful cars .. the Maserati birdcage75th totally aerodynamic futuristic and with a very powerful engine ... I know that it is not easy what I ask you but not being able to donate be a few cents in advance for your mod .. but I would be very happy if you only inform me if it is possible to include it or not haha .. well I wish you the best of the best thank you very much Man !!!!!!!!! PS: use google traduct sorry if I'm not very clear Here is a picture of the car[ATTACH=full]32328[/ATTACH]
  3. Thank you very much for reliving this great game .. that for me was the one that gave more freedom of movement at the time and to this day one of my favorites ... I know that they have already asked you before but ... Is there a long way to go? I hope you can make time to finish it ... a cordial greeting and again thank you very much Milli
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