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  1. Not to sound rude but if you wanna request a car to be made then it's a good idea to also suggest a good model or a game that has one, that is with a decent exterior and an interior good enough for the cockpit view. Otherwise someone has to make the model or at least some of the parts themselves which might be a tough ask to justify putting a ton of time and effort into something that the person doing it might not be very interested in.
  2. For the most part most of the classic cars featured in games have already been made. If they haven't then most likely there wasn't a model good enough for them out there.
  3. Rigel

    My modding gallery

    Images of my released/upcoming car mods. Whatever has not been released on the forums is either not ready yet or will be exclusive to TDU Platinum and will be included in its future updates.
  4. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  5. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  6. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  7. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  8. It must be one of the sector-x-y-z-b files in /Euro/Bnk/Level/ or something. Can you show the exact spot on the map where that happens?
  9. There's no ENB integrated with the Platinum package. The d3d9.dll file is for Project Paradise, which is the multiplayer mod that also removes some of the game limits so it functions correctly with the rest of the mods in the pack.
  10. He took down all the links to intentionally. It's his decision, so don't expect him to bring those back. Իմիջիայլոց, հայ ես ախպերս?)
  11. Some cars just get moved around. For example, the Venom is now a Lotus Exige tune, as that's the car it was largely based on.
  12. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  13. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  14. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  15. For the most part that's because they were made by different modders at different times, so some of them may not have been skilled enough to get them right. Or maybe they decided to make them like that intentionally... for some reason. Anyway, all of the models are going to be reworked in future patches, so it's fair to say the overwhelming majority of the cars will look quite a bit different than they do now.
  16. Hi. The top speed aspect was explained in FAQ that's in the very first post of this thread. Please read that first.
  17. Come see us in the TDUCK Discord
  18. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  19. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  20. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

  21. Rigel


    From the album: My modding gallery

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