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  1. you can open tdu2vpe load the car that it replaces export its data and then load the car you want to replace import the exported data and done...
  2. and don't forget that we need fuel mod and more bomb like challenges to do..
  3. i understand but the time you ll spend for modding you re probably gonna make sth that everyone enjoy not only you. Did you see that sera he made? he could make the mclarens that missing from the game or the new aston's or sth cool..not a boring stuff.
  4. But I m free to state what i see right? A modder is actually exist due to the game and the players of it. So if any modder can't satisfy the game's community then he won't have any impact on thegame and slowly he ll quit cause no one will be affected or satisfied by his work....that's my point
  5. Hahaha And I was so sure for what I wrote up there that on your vk page i opened one by one all the "brand" folders of the mods and you cancheck yourself how many not donated cars where made by you and what cars are they. 2011 A8 & 2013 A8 & VANQUISH after another vanquish released by qilin first ,db4 and vantage 1977 from these stuff you see that you make very selfish content and the intresting cars you release are once in a while. So don't think that you are "theman" here in tdu2 modding. And that arrogance is what i don't like! You could make more what the community want and you just don't do it. cmon mate that's just my opinion of course.
  6. Oh I forgot , most of the cars that are intrested are donated by other tdu2 players ,too . That gets the cars you really made alone for the cmmunity even less
  7. check how many of those cars was really what the community wants and then judge by yourself mate. Most of the cars are shits that no one need in his pack. While othermodders tend to make more community friendly stuff , you keep releasing either cars that were released back in the oldest years of tdu2 modding by other modders or cars that please your self and not the community. So don't say that 50+ cars free because , community intresting cars are like 5 of those 50.
  8. history has shown stargt is not a modder who loves cars and modding but a guy who needs money. He makes free mods for tdu1 and other games in which everyone is making free mods there. He can make the same cars for free for tdu2,because tdu2 is a bit forgotten in comparisson with other modded car games and he know that players are seeking for modders and he s asking money because no one is making mods for tdu2. So he knows how to convert and he doesn't do it. In TDU1 they have released even the sian. And a simple convertion for those is abit of hours. Cmon if there were many modders for tdu2 i would like to know if he ll quit modding or he would make better cars for free just to exist as a modder... I don't like his attitude his philosophy and his arrogance. that's why
  9. Of course modders can convert it. And in case you didn't see that we 're on the request page of the community...which means that this is a request to the modders, If you or someone else is intrested in doing the convertion, i added a link to the free hq model. Now because i can see a bit of arrogance in your comment..i ll never pay you a penny. And if I ever pay a modder for tdu2 modding i will never pay you. Don't worry! I prefer someone who seems more friendly to the community than you. You think you are someone. I prefer to never ever see the cars i want in tdu2 from paying you a cent of euro. No offense I just understood the matter of your comment
  10. Can any modder convert this car to tdu2? I tried but i didn't manage to make it. https://dfiles.eu/files/9mfg1jpa4 (3d model ripped from AssetoCorsa included)
  11. With my personal touch i mae my dream spec! If anyone needs specialized retextured interior tell me and i ll make it, thats great car!! cheers!
  12. That is a joke, a joke... Tdu has already the sian the amg gt63 the jesko all new feraris all new astons and even z4 and tt and you re releasing this for tdu2? This is a joke!
  13. I believe that we can make a page as players of the game and collect money for specific mods for the community all toghether. Let me explain: F.E If we make an account of pre paid card and everyone add a euro for the car he wants to be made and everytime he adds a euro he ays for what car then once f.e 10$ are collected for the same car then we could send as community the 10$ for the mod... With that way i believe that mods that the most ppl want will be made and modders will be motivated but we must everyone compromise. 10$ are enough for a mod - modders compromise you have to wait for money to be collected for the car you want so you can buy with as less money as you can - p(l)ayers compromise With all these community wins!
  14. The stickers don't match the car lines ...it needs mapping
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