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  1. hi Djey, i am having some interesting issues getting tduf to run, i wil attach a video file to this msg to show you what happens when i try to open tduf, i am running tdu off my portable HDD. i do not have an atari folder on my pc, i hve tried running tduf from my C drive and my portable, both with the same end result, any help would be greatly apreciated https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkku38omofhk927/20190826_145555.mp4?dl=0 link to the video file
  2. Andre

    hi there djey, i have been having some problems with my game, if you have any time id like to ask for your help only if you have the time
  3. hi there guys, i have been struggling my ass off with everything off this game, i never have the correct cracked version to update, all the modding tools from tdupe to tdutools fails and wont work, magic map is all kinds of crazy and the new update 2.0 for everything gets a seizurewhen i run the cmd i have to shut down my computer and restart it, is there anyone that can help me with this? send me a link to a game thats already fully updated i can just run or so, hell Djey if you can even help me id appreciate it so much
  4. hay guys, i have been struggling, i am trying to get my tdu1 back up to the latest patch with bnk map for mods. mega car mod pack. i have tryd everything and i just cant get it to work right anymore, if anyone can help me i would apreciate it, alot
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