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Daniel Reyes

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  1. So what I’m trying to find is either a thinner tire or a way to resize just the tire profile and I’m having no luck searching online for how to resize just the tires. Any suggestions??
  2. Thanks! I made a 3d model of a car using auto desk inventor before, I’m hoping that experience will help me. I’ll see if I can find those how to videos, if anyone has links to any of those videos please post em up
  3. I accidentally replaced my file for the original rim file for the Lamborghini murcielago, wheel option one and lost it. If anyone could please copy theirs and send me a link for it I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  4. Hi everyone, I would really like to learn how to make my own car mods for the game and help contribute more cars for everyone to enjoy for free and am hoping someone can point me to the tools I need to convert the models for cars for TDU and how to do it. Thank you
  5. Same here, someone please give us a link for a Supra sound mod, would really appreciate it
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