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  1. Refusinq

    TDU2VPE Bug (Owner fixed)

    He made minus and comma work, thanks tho. The 0-60 can be changed to minus.
  2. Refusinq

    TDU2VPE Release

    I recommened this modding tool. Obviously the best modding tool on this forum in my opinion.
  3. Refusinq

    TDU2VPE Release

    Thanks so much! I've tested it out! The comma symbol just works fine and the minus! Thanks alot dude. Both working.
  4. Refusinq

    TDU2VPE Release

    Thanks alot, i'll try it out. Thanks for helping me out. I'll give feedback after i tried it.
  5. Refusinq

    TDU2VPE Release

    Thanks for helping and replying. The "." works but has no function. But thanks alot, i hope it can get fixed. I tried to change the Toyota Supra 0-60. But it didn't work on any car. Edit: all the values with the "-" or "," failed.
  6. Refusinq

    TDU2VPE Release

    I was wondering, i'm trying to change the 0-60 for cars. But i can't make it a "minus value (-)" or a "comma value (,)" Any suggestions for me to make it work. Or does it not work for everyone? I just pressed the "-" and ",". They seem to not work. Thanks if anyone can help me.
  7. Can anyone help me with this, I'd like to mod my Toyota Supra. I've wanted to change the speed and the 0-60. But i cant make the 0-60 a "comma value (,)" or a "minus value (-)" Any help here?
  8. Refusinq

    tduchicken: New MSO McLaren wheels

    How are those rims being installed, nice rims. I was wondering how'd you install those on a car. Got my game unpacked etc etc.
  9. [quote name='binbow']@Refusinq: It is necessary to change the saved rim file name to the file name used by the vehicle. I think that you should study the use of [URL='https://forum.turboduck.net/threads/tdu2vpe-release.32907/']tdu2vpe[/URL]. You can reset the file name of the rim to use. As an example of using tdu2vpe, I think that [URL='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6ET9MiAR5c&t=50s']this link[/URL] will be helpful.[/QUOTE] Thanks alot! I tried alot of times with tdu2vpe but didn't work out. The tutorial worked thanks.
  10. Hello, sorry for my stupidness. I've installed rim mods for TDU2. Got everything setup, but... I've pasted my rims in TDU2UNPACKED/Euro/bnk/Vehicules/rims/Toyota/ << Here i pasted them so i can use them for my Toyota. Got inside the game to the car dealer. Couldn't find the rims. Can anyone help me, thanks.
  11. Refusinq

    Custom Vehicle Data

    The link doesn't work i guess, i'm new to this forum or it might just be me.