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  1. It's specific to clicking the 'offline' box in the Project Paradise launcher, rather than just not doing that but playing a 'standard' offline game (which is what i do mostly) of TDU where you just have a Profile not set up for MP (using that gamespy account thing). So there are two kinds of offline game you can play, and sadly you need to click 'offline' in the Project Paradise launcher to see the full effects of this Hawaiian Bliss mod, which then disables the 'fuel' mod (which you have in the MP or normal offline modes). I hope that clears that up ;) As i'm 'new' to experiencing this mods night-day cycle thing i'm currently willing to sacrifice the fuel mod just to get a feel if this is how i want to play the game etc.
  2. Yes! Thanks that was exactly the issue. I got to experience the full day/night cycle (and win $100,000 in the 43.3 mile 'beat the clock' race in my Nissan 350-z), it was fun and the dark just at the right levels to make the later half of that race nicely challenging :) The only sad thing about this is by picking 'offline' in the Project Paradise launcher it seems to shut off the 'fuel' mod. It would be near pefect to have both mods work together somehow?
  3. Yeah. I just thought what i was seeing was a little different to that. Ah thanks for those pointers Milli, most helpful
  4. I'm not sure if this relates to Platinum or is a base TDU game issue, but i've been noticing strange results after tuning some of my cars. For example my C-class Porsche Cayman 718 S (found in the Porsche shop in the North of the island iirc) has a reported default top speed of 246 and after tuning that becomes 276 but i just can't seem to get it to hit even 200! 6th gear slowly advances the speed from around 180, but even after searching out some long straights in the west of the island it stuggles to hit 200 either default or after being tuned? I have this issue on a few cars also (not all) where the reported speeds don't match the in-game speed the vehicle hits. Is this a case of some kind of mod issue in relation to gear ratio's perhaps being set up wrong to take into account the tuning? I did a little experiment and took my humble Alpha Brera apart in TDUF and adjusted the level 3 tuning characteristics to give it a bit more acceleration (5.5 instead of 6.0 in 0-60) and top end (it tops out at 191 instead of 184 now) and in game, with enough straight road i can reach those new limits. So why do some cars not seem to be able to do so? Anyone else notice this?
  5. Not sure myself. IF you have had it all working fine before and have no hardware changes, you might be looking at needing to do a clean re-install, which sucks but what i'd be thinking about.
  6. It's in english now it seems! FAST work there 'blaze' I'll give it a go time permitting this weekend Edit: it is a 10GB rar file (the main download)!! ouch my bandwidth (and poor countryside internet connection!). I'm still keen though.
  7. Have you tried creating a new profile and new game in that to see if you still get the long loading times? If they are normal in the new profile, it might be an issue with your save game? If you still have the same issue it is likely a problem with your install.
  8. Looks really promising mds_blaze_scut I will be keeping an eye on it's development and hopefully in the future we can have an english language version so i can jump in a play-test it out to give some feedback etc. I like the look of your weather cycles very much.
  9. Install Guide: Setting up TDU's graphic options for best effect: So since i discovered the Platinum Mod and by extension TDU i have been through a process of trial and error to get the best out of the game on my system. My System Specs: CPU: i5 3350P 3.1Ghz RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz GPU: 4GB 1050 Ti Game installed on HDD (not SSD). Screen: a native 1920x1080 flat screen TV @60Hz In game graphic settings: Resolution: 1600x1024 Refresh Rate: 60Hz Anti-Aliasing: 4x HDR: (on) Brightness = Max Level of Details = High Nvidia Control Panel Settings: I set these for both the Project Paradise Launcher.exe and the Test Drive Unlimited.exe (just to be sure nothing is missed). Ansiotropic filtering: 16x Antialiasing - FXAA = on Antialiasing - Gamma correction = on Antialiasing - Mode = Enhance the application setting Antialiasing - Setting = 8x Antialiasing - Transparency = Multisample (on my system using Supersampling introduces flickering artifacts on distant objects) Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) = on Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias = Clamp Texture filtering - Quality = High Quality Triple buffering = on Vertical sync = Adaptive All other settings not mentioned are left at default settings. Project Paradise Launcher: Windowed = on Unlock Settings (Windowed) = on Vsync = on HD = on (as i use the 'HD300' graphic enhancements from the HawaiianBliss v4.0 mod). Fuel = on Big .bnk = on ----------------------- With those settings when i launch the game via the Project Paradise Launcher i get a small(ish) window on my native 1920x1080 display. I normally run my games windowed as i have some utilities that i run to monitor performance and hardware and provide recording etc. So on the right of the screen i have Piriforms Speccy to monitor a range of hardware temps (from CPU to GPU and HDD/SSD), then below that GPU-Z to monitor the GPU in detail, then at the bottom a 'detatched' section from the MSI afterburner software to show graphs for FPS, CPU usage and RAM usage. I also use Riva Tuner part of MSI Afterburner to set an FPS cap of 60. I also run DXtory and use that to display FPS on screen when running a game (and to record any footage if i choose etc). So with that right section of the screen occupied i take the TDU screen that Project Paradise launches and drag it to the top left of the screen space, then using the 'windows' key to get out of the TDU screen and carefully select and drag the games window down and to the right to take up the available space and keep my game monitoring software in view. It looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/5tLDfKX.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5Z3Iq42.png As for the general settings above i spent the last few months working out what worked best. Setting the resolution in game to 1920x1080 and running it windowed gave it lots of ugly jaggies, even with all the Antialiasing i threw at it. So for Windowed mode it is best to set an in-game resolution less than your display resolution and simply drag the window to fit what you want. With the HD300 pack from HawaiianBliss v4.0 mod i mostly get a solid 60FPS (keep in mind I cap the game to that) with just the occaisonal dip into the 50's. Hopefully this guide will aid those looking to get the best out of how TDU can look
  10. Was that at me?? psp? (Play Station Portable)? change cars? Sorry but i don't know what your talking about. IF you are asking how i used the patch to update my game, i downloaded the three parts as directed, then used 7zip to unzip them which gave me a folder around 269MB in size, I then opened that folder and opened the 'Extra' folder and then 'Expert Bots(kinda)' and copy/pasted the 'AIBotPers.xml' file into where my game install of TDU is (this file goes in .../Atari/Test Drive Unlimited/TDU/Euro/Bnk/Database in your install). This gives the harder/better performing AI bots. For the main bit of the patch update i opened the 'Test Drive Unlimited' folder (from the patch files we unzipped as above) and copy/pasted the 'Euro' folder in that over the one in my installed game .../Atari/Test Drive Unlimited/TDU/Euro, allowing the prompts to over-right files that pops up. Then i ran the game and enjoyed the changes.
  11. The Nissan 350 Z Coupe seems to have issues changing it's Binocular settings in game. It saves it ok in the TDUF editor (and changes the value for the other 350 Z options, like Nissamo etc), but in game it does not change the view like it does in the Alpha i posted pics for. All the other cars i've tried so far have also worked, just not the Nissan for some reason? Edit: RE that Nissan 350 Z coupe. OK for some reason TDUF changes the car view from what is normaly 'cockpit' (as you choose one car type after another) to 'Hood' view. I've been through about 20 cars and it only seems to do this for that Nissan out of those others. So what happens when you pick the Nissan the values you get for 'Binoculars' are under the Hood view not the cockpit. So after chosing that car in TDUF, check that the view is on 'cockpit' before changing Binocular values. Once that is done the changes work as expected (and 16720/16730 works well for this car also as it has working mirrors in the cockpit view).
  12. Awesome I gave the harder AI a bash and it makes that whole opening part of the game (F class) much more interesting. I had to pick my fights and learn to accept 2nd, 3rd or non places! Lots of fun and everything working as smooth as silk so far. Thank you (and any other modders involved).
  13. I find it 'amusing' when the traffic in front decides to change lane, then changes it's mind at the last minute and drifts back! Never assume that 'other' driver knows what they hell they are doing (in relation to driving a car) or where the hell they are going. A good rule in general for driving in real life and TDU!
  14. No problem, glad to help :) I'm a newbie to TDU, and one of the first impressions i had was a general 'discomfort' with the in car views, especially in relation to being able to use the mirrors or not, and this issue with not being able to adjust the view-point enough with the in game seat position options was determining which cars i would end up buying and driving. So with the awesome Platinum mod there are all these hundreds of extra cars, and sadly many of them were also not possible choices for me for the same (and worse!) problems in terms of functional mirrors and if you could use them in the in car view. I was very happy to find this thread with as it turns out a potential solution for those issues using the Binocular values to adjust FOV. I've now gone through my game files with TDUF and saved the view changes to the cars i've tested have working functional mirrors (as many do not) and overall my game is much improved using the settings I settled on. 16720 or 16730 (just down to personal preference) seems to be working for all those cars so far, to give better FOV for the in car view point. One other aspect of this could be looked at in relation to the seat position ranges? In TDUF that looks like it might be related to the _Z co-ordinate values in the same section as 'Binoculars'? There are two Z values it seems so i'm not sure which one determines the ranges (if it does at all!) for the seat adjustment setting?
  15. Binoculars=16720 + Seat Position (set in game options) = max forward. To show how you can adjust the same binocular setting with the in-game seat adjustment. So that concludes this rounds of tests. Binoculars seems to have a max starting value of 16641, but is not usable in game. The top ranges of 16895-16880 (and maybe a bit further) give an upside down view! usuable values seem to be in the 16680 (most zoomed in) to 16730 (most zoomed out) ranges, for the car tested, and i have now chosen 16720 as it's new default setting.
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