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  1. from mail? Now I've finished to unpack the game files with GUI unpacker aaaaand... IT WORKS! Thank you so much for your patience and your support! :tup::tup::tup:
  2. Thank's. I've used another unpacker before and I couldn't insert a different folder. Now I'm reinstalling the game, when it finishes I retry the unpacking
  3. Yes the game start normally and I can play it. The dimension of "db_data.cpr" in TDU2 folder is 1193KB. Now I try that unpacker, but how can I do to remove the old unpacked files? I have to reinstall the game?
  4. we're I can find version of the game? OS Win10 Pro TDU2VPE is in a folder with other mod files for TDU2, not in the same folder where game is installed "db_data.dec" is in the same folder of TDU2VPE and it's size is 1193KB I've tried to move TDU2VPE in a dedicated folder but is the same EDIT: TDU2 DLC2 v0.34 the infos about my game
  5. Hi! I'm new in this forum because I've a problem with TDU2VPE ( ). When I click on LOAD button an error occur: "Access violation at address 00856FB4 in module 'TDU2VPE.exe'. Read of address 00C46030." Someone can tell me how can i fix it? Thank's a lot!
  6. Kato


    Hello! I'm Kato from Italy. I'm a car and videogame car enthusiast!
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