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  1. people probably feel safer in SUVs so ye maybe there is a point
  2. I don't have a personal server as I'm mostly on a server where I'm a moderator, but it's not too hard to create one and customize it for our needs. I will create one tomorrow and send you an invite link, unless of course, TDuck has one that we could use. on there we could discuss more detailed stuff about Project Drive, I'm already pretty stoked to work on it soon hopefully. :D
  3. I'm into Modeling Cars and everything that belongs to them, but recently I've also started working on world assets. When it comes to LODs UE4 has probably the industry's best auto LOD generator out there but I don't mind doing some of them by hand. I've also used some Forza models for mods so I know how to work with them and add to them in terms of tuning parts. Textures are also something I'm enjoying thanks to Substance Designer/Painter. and btw may I ask if you guys have a Discord Server as that would be easier to chat, talk and share images or files?
  4. yea it's ok if we don't get paid, I've been modding a game the past 1.5 years and that was also for free (minus the donations) I thought this project will replace my modding hobby and will let me release my creativity without limits unlike the modding tools did
  5. Hello there, I'm K3 a friend recently showed me this Project of yours and I got to say I'm interested, I'm a self-made 3D Designer working with Blender and Substance Designer/Painter and got some experience with UE4 already, I'm busy until next year but then I would be happy to help you in this Community project as I'm a fan of TDU and TDU2
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