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  1. Hello Sound Modders how are you? I have a request for you, is there a chance to you people help my dream come true? I love armytrix exhausts so my request is to make a sound mod of this kind exhaust system but i really would like to have a turbo fluter.
  2. @Tob-Racer @575_SVO now tdumt its working, but ive changed the colors but i still dont know why its not working...
  3. Sorry @Tob-Racer but i get the same error as 575_SVO or i really dont know how to go to the color section, ive added the Ferrari 488 Spider in the Platinum Car Slot 9 so think it wont be possible since is a modded Name....
  4. Crusing with BrSirius and TalesAlmeida Around Hawaii LeonTrindade ► Ferrari 488 Spider BrSirius ► Ferrari 488 GTB Tales Almeida ► Porsche GT3 RS
  5. The Last Question xD, is there a way to change colors from the break calippers?
  6. @Tob-Racer thank you for all your efforts, here´s the result of what ive learned with you today! Next step i need to contact Rulezzz if he could help me find a way to add titanium exhaust in this F488 Spider XD.
  7. @Tob-Racer Thanks mate, i did well in the 1st stage XD, ill be waiting for your tutorial. Thanks again for all the help and your time, kudos and +REP for you!
  8. @Tob-Racer another question, i have like 20 rims to add to F488 Spider, how can i import thoses rims to the TDU database and add those rims to F488?
  9. To tell you the truth, not yet, is there a way to do it in TDUF im kind confuse xD, sorry for the noob questions @Tob-Racer
  10. Thank you @Tob-Racer im new member of this forum, and im looking for instructions, to add, im using TDUF and im trying to add rims but its kind not working, ive added from the database.
  11. @Milli is there a chance to add the F488 Spider in the future updates? Thank you for taking your time to reply my question!
  12. Tenso its me leo, i need talk to you man! 

  13. Im back also to TDU Platinum. Congratulations for the project @Milli i hope see you soon in game.
  14. Leonctrindade

    Duelling Ferrari's

    can you tell me what kind of mods you installed to make my game looks like yours?
  15. Since Combat Shotgun isnt working anymore in tdu mods, can someone do something for me? I have an old dream with Ferrari 458 and 458 spider, can someone make this dream happen? This is what im looking for it.
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