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  1. It should be nice to have honda civic type r fk2
  2. i can pay if any good tdu modder and sound modder helps me!
  3. Thanks @Djey it was what you said, @Milli told to reset the cache and also delete the jason folde in db, i had to reset few times and started with admin rights and it worked again.
  4. Yeah you´re right @MagicV8, and ill add here: I dont know why that happened, but i had to reset the TDUF few times and when i started the TDUF with administration options it worked. You will need reset the application few times and it will be back when you open with admin rights and load the db first and then the aplication will work again
  5. @Djey I reinstalled Test Drive Unlimited Platinum but when I open the TDUF I can't see that part of the default tab screen that is marked in red, can anyone help me?
  6. Leonctrindade


    Hello Duckers Ive installed TDU again with platinum pack 1.12 and im having a problem, i dont know why some parts of TDUF isnt working like this red part, of this screenshot, can you my friends help me? My TDUF I need that red part working to change cars =/ and add sounds, can someone help me? I have solved the issue. thanks for the help @Milli
  7. yo man im having a problem with your tduf, i dont know why this red part dont apear in my tduf , can you help me?unknown.png?width=795&height=440

  8. Im looking for a modder to help me or teach me make the 488 Pista Spider for the TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED, can someone help me?
  9. Im really in love with this model, if someone could make it happen and also add titanium exhaust system it really would be nice, can someone make my dream happen? I got files in Gamemodels.ru!
  10. can you make this sound mod more louder and if its possible with a turbo fluter?
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