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  1. I wish i could have this Honda Civic Type R EK2 ingame i love this car so much i hope someone make one of my dream cars come true in this awesome game Here is a link that you can use resources from Forza Horizon 3.: http://gamemodels.ru/files/file/6752-honda-civic-type-r-series-ix-fk2-16/
  2. Friend can i make  a request to you? can you make a sound mod with turbo fluter for the F360 and F430,  CS and Lamborghini Huracan? btw let me ask you something do you know someone that could make the mod of a car honda civic type r ek 2

  3. How about post some great screenshots from TDU Platinum? Im gonna post few screenshots everyday, lets makea big album ^^
  4. How about add this great car ingame?
  5. Your F458 Spider sound mod, looks awesome so far @DJoyTinnio keep the great work! #kudos4you #f458spidertdusoundmod
  6. Drifitng around Hawaii with my Challenge Stradale
  7. You are one of the most talent modders that i had a chance to meet! 

    Dont forget about people who really loves your art my friend.

  8. The link is dead can you upload again please?
  9. Hi guys im looking for someone that could help my dreams come true, i love titanium exhausts and also love Ferraris, how about doing this kind of customization for us? @DJoyTinnio Look what amazing sound
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