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  1. I've tried every single fix on this forum. The "Just zoom out" method doesn't work, wether I'm doing it with a controller or with a mouse. The game freeze, ALT+TAB, zoom out, then it dies. Not matter what. The famous D3D9.DLL doesn't work either, as the game WON'T launch when the DLL is in the main directory. (See pictures attached) My GPU "graphics device" is an RTX2060 6GB. From my earlier digging I found out that RTX GPUs are the culprit for crashing the map. I really REALLY want to play TDU2 again with people. But without the map there's only so much I can do.
  2. Maybe it's a lot to ask but could you add active wing (Headlight controlled) for the CX75 ? Niche fix I know, but most cars already have it ??
  3. Hello L've reached STARGT for an order of cars from FM7 and one from FH4. He ask how many car slots are available, since my order of about 12 cars I need a due date and a price to proceed to order. 20$ for one car seems pretty steep.

    1. mitkop81


      Post update - there is only 3 free slots - one for car and 2 for SUV's. And maybe some of the price (boss) cars.

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