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  1. Stay Safe Out There Many an online race ends at turn 1 for most people. Anything from an overzealous racer trying to get their nose into the corner first from last place, to a small lapse in concentration that inadvertently catches others resulting in carnage. So knowing how to drive and race around other people is a big part of actually finishing a race, which as many a real-life racer will tell you... to finish first you first have to finish! Knowing how to drive a car in games can seem rather easy considering how many games are out there that feature racing. Believe it or not, having
  2. "The Best Circuit In The World" - Gerhard Berger Paddock Hill Bend, Druids Hairpin, Hawthorn Bend and Clearways, all names synonymous with one of Britains most famous race tracks. Brands Hatch, a 2.4 mile track in the Southern England county of Kent has been a popular staple of British and World motorsport at the location since the 1920's. Built in a natural amphetheater, the hills at Brands give the spectator an unrivalled viewing experience, sitting at the the top of the hill on the Brabham Straight give the spectator a clear view of almost all of the Brands Hatch Indy circuit. Into the tre
  3. Way To The Top Auto Club Revolution developers Eutechnyx have announced an update that changes how racers progress through the game. The full release with a Q&A can be seen below. Auto Club Revolution: Progression Update The multi-award winning online racing game Auto Club Revolution is undergoing a massive update to offer more flexibility and a deeper player experience. The Progression Update covers a wealth of improvements and new systems which will engage with racers on a new level. To explain the details of the update we ran a Q&A session with Christoph Vietzke, Execu
  4. Computers? Driving Cars!? Eutechnyx, developers of Auto Club Revolution have released a second developer diary, this time highlighting their new AI system. AI, usually a large component of racing games, pits the player against a number of computer controlled players. Anything from the most basic of racing to complex manoeuvres can be simulated by computer controlled "Artificial Intelligence". The computer will scan the track for possible movements and will work out where the best place to put the car is. From simulating basic club level racing to massive motorsport events with the world's bes
  5. Wet 'n' Wild Auto Club Revolution developers Eutechnyx have released a Developer Diary explaining their newest addition to their game of Wet Weather. This introduces a factor that is usually absent from most racing games released recently despite it being something that racing game enthusiasts would love to see. The wet conditions as you can gather will bring in a whole new element to the cars and their handling in the need to control them and avoid 'slippy' areas of the track, which as you know in motorsport, is a common hazard in the real world. Players will be put to the test as they do t
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