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  1. If GT6 are going to be just a completed GT5, then it better be for PS3. Now, if GT6 is going to be just epic perfect (which i doubt), then let it for PS4, as it will be more powerful in terms of everything. I would be really fine with a GT6 in PS3, as long as it meets my expectatives (Just a finished GT5), but i also wouldn't mind wait a few more years in order to get a PS4 and an epic game called GT6. :)
  2. ah no, there is... just hard to see. My mistake.
  3. Just epic. Besides, i think it will sound like a Corvette C6. No difference at all.
  4. Milli1549239221


    Lol wtf? O_o
  5. The C7 mule exists, and GT5 have made it. They have done that with the GT-R, the game has the GT-R "black mask" version, that is basically a hidden GT-R. I am guessing the same will happen with this Corvette. But one thing was really cool, it got added in the game without any info. Totally an "easter egg" from PD. Since this car also can't be seen in the dealership.
  6. Hahaha, this main page is really a cool feature. I wonder if they (the photographers) have seen this already. :)
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