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  1. Is there any possibility in the future for new garages? Not sure if any garages from tdu 2 or warehouses from the forza series could be ported into tdu? or maybe some custom made garage's that can store 1000+ cars? Ok that would be an overkill lol. Always wondered about this but i don't think that it's possible.
  2. This is GM who are we talking about lol. Their cars reuse a load of parts i don't see a cien replica on a xlr chassis too hard now sure the body/interior looks a lot different but it can be recreated on a xlr the lights and backlights are the same the interior and body can be replicated they only need to be shortened if the designer is skilled enough. The drivetrain is the same both are rwd. The engine can be moved to the back with enough reverse engineering the only problem would be sourcing the engine and converting the analog gauges to digital gauges but whatever you do you.
  3. IMO the Caddie Cien should return as a tuning option for the Caddie XLR. Yeah i know it sounds quite absurd but hell there's a tuning option for the 996 GT3 that turns it into the street legal 996 GT1 .
  4. any chance for the Chiron Sport to be replaced with this? https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/bugatti/bugatti_chiron_super_sport_wre_2020_by_vdv522/9-1-0-2297
  5. A little bit offtopic here damn revisiting this game is so good remember playing this game on the PS2 the downgraded version of this game. And damn it's great. Compared to the horizon series this is miles ahead of it. Notably the safe houses in horizon i feel like a snob with just one same old boring warehouse and it gets boring pretty quick here in TDU i can buy 15 houses on the map and feel like the Sultan of Brunei sadly there isn't a house that can store 5000 cars but alright. And the overall game feeling feels better in TDU you can really feel owning the cars the only other series that can come close to owning cars similarly to TDU is the GT series. The only thing that i dislike about TDU 1 is that it doesn't have weather notably rain there was some concept art with thunderstorm but meh its still good without rain or even night lol. TDU 3 is in the works but i won't be planing to get it for a year since it will be exclusive to THAT damn store until it gets released to steam i'm not buying it lol.
  6. Yes i just deleted the enbseries.ini in the tdu platinum directory and now it works fine i don't use any compatibility stuff and just ticked the big.bnk box in the paradise launcher now it works fine online same with offline.
  7. so is it gonna get replaced by something or just removed? Also are any other cars gonna get replaced/removed other than the Solstice?
  8. Hoping one day that the cars from the dlc pack 6 will be ported into the pc version these cars are: Audi A4 Touring Car, Cadillac Sixteen, Dino 246 GTS, Triumph Daytona 995i, Pontiac Solstice Lamborghini Diablo GT.
  9. Figured it out! For it to work on win 10 remove the enbseries.ini now it works for me. However i can't get it to work online as before.
  10. recently reinstalled tdu platnium and i'm getting these errors on the startup i get a black screen and it crashes i have tried pretty much everything in the paradise launcher or whatever its called sometimes i managed to get up to the connecting to tdu servers and then again crashing. What do i actually need to check in the launcher?
  11. is there any way to get rid of this car? whenever i want to sell it my game crashes. Also it somehow managed to get into my garage.
  12. any chance soon for a street to track conversion? stuff like LaFerrari to fxx k Mclaren p1 to p1 gtr?
  13. iv'e tried so many things i first tried installing the 2.00A patch from Djey and well the game did run well but later when i was on a highway all the traffic cars disappeared and when i tried to go to my garage the game just crashed!
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