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  1. Actually answering the question, search for a trainer but it is at your own risk, they are often malware, and i'm not gonna provide a link since i don't use them nor i want to
  2. Hi there! sorry to bother but i want to ask if there is a way to change the rims of the cars that you already own, i don't know if i recall correctly but you could change the rims in the tuning shops, i don't exactly know because i really don't remember correctly but i could swear that you could do that, it's been years of not playing TDU before installing Platinum, thanks in advance for any answer. Sorry if i misspell something :c
  3. it actually works lmao, i have tried it like 20 times in a row, and other 20 times after a couple of minutes and it worked
  4. i've been playing for a couple of minutes and i'm already loving how the game feels now, it's like a completely new game, i absolutely love it, i just created this account a couple of months ago to follow the progress, i'm in love with the retrowave radio station, the only problem i've experienced is the alt+tab bug, but that's been a problem since UCP if i recall correctly, but other than that, it's simply perfect, it's great to see people making this kind of work for free, thank's milli, i'm in love with the game again like i was when i first played
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