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  1. Did anyone tried it to fix it to build 16 anyone pls ???
  2. binbow

    I made upload TDU2_Tools here

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    2. GAD


      And one more question guys if i can can somebody try tdu2 1.3.1 cam hack make for 16 build as well or it's impossible to do it?


    3. binbow


      As for camhack, I heared that the developers have already stopped development, so we can't expect it to be available in dlc2 or later.  So, we have no choice but to use cam hack v1.2. 
      If your goal is to change your FOV, you can adjust it with this tools as well. (However, you can't change the FOV in real time in-game. )

    4. GAD


      Ohhh oke thank you so much man i appreciate it :))

  3. Hello guys can you help me too can somebody upload these 2 mods so i can download it pls Thank you. Tdu2 time mod from vtestdrive and tdu2 tools @binbow pls help me
  4. Guys did anyone fix camera hack 1.3.1 for dlc2 or it's still not fixed because i want it so bad if someone can help i would be grateful.. :))) If i know how to fix i would try but im dumb for that shit.. If someone can help Thank you.
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