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  1. Too bad, was interested how it looked Any other interesting TDU mods you have to upload to TDuck? 95% of all download links are dead.
  2. Is someone still in possession of this mod? The download link is broken. I would like to upload it to the downloads section of TDuck.
  3. Definitely @Minime891, they helped me forward!
  4. Hi, try setting your laptop in High Performance mode. That might be it.
  5. You can get a Steam key here: https://www.amazon.com/Test-Drive-Unlimited-Online-Game/dp/B00KAFGA5O Welcome everyone!
  6. Thank you @Adm-RAL, I will upload it to the Downloads section of TD and update the thread link!
  7. Interesting, lets see: 1990 Saab 9000 CD Turbo: 204 hp / 290 Nm 1990 Saab 9000 CD 2.3i-16: 150 hp / 212 Nm 2003 Saab 9-3 SportSedan 2.0t: 220 hp / 350 Nm (with future tune) That's a total of 574 hp / 852 Nm
  8. I'm currently trying to get into modding the game to make a mod pack (for TDU World). I'm working with Zmodeler 2.2.6 and whenever I try to export my project to .3DG, no materials get exported. Once I open the exported .3DG, everything is set back to Default Material. So when I load the car ingame, all I see is a pink/black model. Do you know what causes this issue? Before exporting, all textures from commoncar.bnk and the textures for the model in question are loaded and show up just fine. Hope you can help!
  9. There have been some mods to reworked the handling (I haven't tried one yet), so it is possible to do some tweaks. Would be great to give it a try.
  10. Only if you want of course I'm currently learning TDU2 modding myself but I'm having some issues. Are your tutorials still available somewhere?
  11. Hi @Minime891, are you still active in the TDU2 modding scene? I have an issue that you might know a fix for.
  12. Hi Zoqqer, I'm using your tutorials to make a car mod for TDU2. But whenever I export a model from Zmodeler, it shows up totally pink/black in the game. Do you know what causes this? Here's a screenshot of the issue. I used all the original materials from the model I'm replacing (Charger SRT8). I'm using Zmodeler 2.2.6. Don't mind the interior and wheels. Have to start on those yet.
  13. Hello everyone! We have some pretty exciting and important news to share with you about TDU World. A few weeks back we were contacted by the folks at TurboDuck.net and after some discussion, we are happy to announce our collaboration with them! You might think, what is exciting about this, and what is TurboDuck.net? Let's answer some questions and explain what the collaboration is about. What is TurboDuck.net? TurboDuck.net is a laid-back community well-known for their love of Driving & Racing Games (particularly open-world ones), and they have long been the home of TDU mods. The site has been upgraded in recent months and includes new features such as Blogs, Clubs, Guides, Gallery Albums and perhaps most important, a new Download section that can host ones mods. Because of this, the site hosts some of the most popular TDU mods to date, including TDU Project Paradise, TDU Platinum and thousands of other mods. You can also find TuboDuck on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord. TurboDuck was previously known as TDU-Central (TDUC / tduck). Why is the collaboration happening? As TurboDuck.net has such a large community it opens TDU World up for a way bigger audience of avid TDU fans than ever before. We will also be able to host our mods here without worrying about bandwidth limitations. What does this collaboration mean exactly? As of this week, the TDU World forums will merge into TurboDuck.net. The merge includes all user accounts, topics, conversations & more. This means that all TDU World members will now have a TurboDuck.net account (if you already had an account on TDuck, the TDU World content will have merged with your existing TurboDuck.net account). Just log in with your TDU World login and take a look around! The original TDU World forums will be taken down soon and redirect to TurboDuck.net. Will TDU World get a special category for people to post topics? Yes, outside of all the topics TurboDuck.net has to offer, we are happy to announce that TDU World has its own official club! It will be our own hub where you can create topics, post pictures or ask us questions! The group is live already, so don't hesitate to join! Please also take a moment to read through the site rules. Who's who in the zoo? @Eudemon Site Owner & Developer (2018-present) @Ryzza5, @Milli, @TDU Iceman, @sti228, @xXBeefyDjXx, @///Λquarious Site Admins (Staff) @insaneone (Diablo) Founder, Site Owner (2007-2018) That's pretty much it! We as TDU World are very excited about our future with TurboDuck.net and we hope you are too! If you have any more questions, be sure to ask them here or on our Discord. Best regards, Aquarious TDU World Team
  14. Hey Sullym8, I'm in the same process, also learning to create my own car mods for TDU2. I am using TDU1 tutorials, they are mostly the same as far as the process in Zmodeler goes. Importing is a little different though. This is my current issue, maybe you know the answer: I would be very interested in TDU2 modding tutorials!
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