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  1. Damn i bought the Tuscan S, so it was the other one Thanks for the help, i'm driving to the dealership !
  2. Thank you so much for this amazing work @Milli, and all the others moders who bring this game so far, TDU feels so fresh now it(s just amazing ! I only have a question about a car in particular, the TVR T440R. Is she gone or did you make it obtainable by tuner shop ? I bought the Tuscan but apart from get out the roof there is nothing lol.
  3. Hello dears drivers, i'm pretty new to this forum (and in modding TDU on PC), really enjoy to see all the work done with this community patch. Unfortunately I encoutered some stranges bugs in game and during the installation. In fact, I have the same problems as namek : During freeroaming, sometimes after 5 or 10 minutes to ride, all the traffic disapear, and then the game crash after the next save ( in general, it happened when i'm going back home and going to garage, or simply launch a race from the map). Strangely, i played almost 2 hours without any issues at the begining, and s
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