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  1. As the title states, I'm unable to get the triggers on my PS4 controller to count as analog controls, only as buttons. I've tried DS4Windows as well as x360ce but neither of these let the controller function properly. I've also tried to find a control config file but I have been unable to find these in my documents or the game's folder. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. @Milli Does it matter which version of tdu I have, as in will patch 1.66 be enough or does it require that and the megapack? Could be a reason for my issues but idk Edit: Tried full install from base game, updating to 1.66 and installing the megapack, then the mod, but still the same issue
  3. @Milli I am, but it still has no effect on it, as the Cayman 718 you can rent at the start of the game never loads regardless of what I do to launch it, using different exes etc
  4. @Milli Yes, I do have big bnk activated in the launcher, which is why I thought my problem was strange
  5. I'm not sure if this is an issue purely on my end or not, but I have several cars that aren't loading at all, either in the dealership or in a race. If it's in the dealership then buying/renting the car crashes the game, if it's in a race the game never starts the race causing me to have to restart the game. I'm on 1.66 if that's of any help
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