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    Ztryka531 got a reaction from ZoM for a calendar event, TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #8   
    Hello guys, my apologies for a very long delay of the weekly challenge races (took a very long but unnecessary break), but here it is, the upcoming month of July is the month of TDU, therefore another TDU Solar Crown news will be up soon, to celebrate the upcoming TDU Month, we have another Weekly Challenges:
    TDU 1 (Platinum) Weekly Challenge
    Race: Return of Investment (No Restrictions, Rank Rookie)
    Race Submissions are Split in Two Categories, Normal and Hardcore modes, participants are able to participate both by submitting a race submission for each category they must state the mode their submissions was attempted on to be accepted.
    F Group/Class Cars Only
    Couse Cutting is Allowed
    Any Camera View, Driving Aid, Gearbox Settings, Upgrade Levels and Conversions will be used.
    May the best racer with the lowest time win!
    - Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka#6271)
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    Ztryka531 got a reaction from ZoM for a calendar event, TDU Platinum Weekly Challenge Series #2   
    Hello everyone, this is the first time we use a Calendar Event feature of the Club to start off the next week's community challenge. The information of the races are to be announced soon, around by the end of this week along with the awards ceremony for the weekly challenge, as the team of challenge organizers and I will discuss about the future's community challenge week.
    Here are the details to be expected to happen next week's community challenge:
    - There will be four (4) races that will be announced and will happen throughout the week.
    - We will improve the start and end times of the next week's community challenge by incorporating the 24/7 event approach to all races.
    - We will announce the same weekly challenges to several TDU related Discord servers to allow more participants to join!
    - Possible new awards and rework of the awards for the week-end award ceremony (still to be discuss by our organizers).
    Update: Here are the new races for TDU Platinum Week 2's Community Challenge, please click on the links below on each featured race for more information, the rules and submission format.
    Race #1
    "The Branchu Loop" (No Class Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Amateur)
    Race #2
    “Alone Against the Clock” REDUX 1 (E and D Class Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)
    Race #3
    “The Road to Victory” (Cars Only Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Amateur)
    Race #4
    “The Road is Mine” (Cars Only Restriction Time Trial Race, Rank Pro)
    All race submissions will be allowed after the start time (12AM EST Time/4AM UTC) has passed.
    Hope that you'll be able to enjoy the challenges and at the same time being a good sport racer, may the best racer(s) win!
    - Ztryka (Discord: @Ztryka#6271)
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