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  1. TDU Platinum lets you wear normal clothes on bikes and vice-versa
  2. Since the latest TDU3 leak has pretty much "confirmed" that Southern France is one of the game's locations, here's another one of my TDU3 concept artworks, featuring a bunch of supercars in Marseille.
  3. According to the latest "leaks" not only is the next TDU's official name confirmed to be "Test Drive: Solar Crown", but its reveal is (currently) scheduled for May 31 and the locations are Southern France and Eastern Brazil! Obviously, take all of this with a grain of salt, since none of it is officially confirmed by KT and/or Nacon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agH4Dd25eok
  4. While we're waiting for some more TDU3 news to pop out, let's enjoy this fake TDU3 screenshot i've made
  5. I really hope the rumor that TDU3 might be revealed tomorrow turns out to be true. TDU1 is my favourite racing game still to this day and i've been waiting for TDU3 for literally ages. I've even made my own TDU3 fan cover, which you can see below. What do you think?
  6. Aaaaaaand i broke the game again. I had to press Alt + F4 to close it
  7. Here we can see two completely different kinds of Italian performance cars
  8. Hi Milli, first i want to say that i've fixed all the problems i had before and i can finally say that this is easily the best mod ever made for TDU! I've also installed Patch v1.04 and i think the new Expert bots are exactly what the game needed, since the original bots were really easy. I also really enjoy the new races, they're a lot more interesting than the original ones. Overall, this mod is amazing, but i've got a small critique to make about some cars, more specifically 90s JDM ones; as an example, the Skyline R34 has 276 bhp in-game, just as much as what Nissan claimed in real life, however it is a widely known fact among GT-R enthusiasts that the R34 actually developed something closer to 330 bhp. According to GT4, the R34 V-spec II had about 336 bhp. I'm telling you this because this small mistake (it's not your fault anyway, don't worry) seriously hinders the in-game R34's performance, most notably in the 0-60 time (it should be able to reach 60 in about 5.5 s, but i found it impossible to reach such speed in less than 7.0 s). I've already tried fixing that issue via TDU Performance Editor, but it caused the game to close before the main menu. Another thing that slightly bothers me is that some cars are either overpriced (never heard of an E-Type selling for $350k) or underpriced (a genuine Abarth 595 costs at least $50k) Nevertheless, i give this mod a 9.5/10, it needs some fixes but the overall experience is nearly perfect. Also, am i the only one who always gets cloudy/foggy weather?
  9. I've literally dragged the DataBase files from the TDU Platium .zip file and dropped them in the game's Database folder
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