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  1. 1. Buy a Challenger from the dealership Milli mentioned above. 2. Take it to the US tuner shop. 3. You're welcome
  2. This is the only game it will do this. I can play more demanding games and run into no issues. (The Sims 2-4 w/ all packs, Mafia II, GTA IV and EFLC, etc) My specs aren't the best but it should play TDU with this mod no problem: Intel i5 2320 @ 3.00 GHZ 6 GB RAM Nvidia GTX 650 1 GB
  3. Hi Milli, I've been loving this mod so far. Really brought my love back into the TDU series as I was a long time player back on the 360 with the Microsoft racing wheel. I got a Logitech G29 this time around and man has it been fun using the steering wheel and H shift with your improved physics. I can't even play TDU2 after playing your mod the driving is that much better. Thank you and everyone else who helped on your great work! Can you possibly help me out with one issue though? It seems often times my game(this happened also with UCP) will like to go to desktop and when I try to click back on my game it is just a black windowed screen and I have to close out and open again. It varies on times I can play before it does this, sometimes 20 mins, sometimes 45, and sometimes hours. RARELY can I actually click back on my game and it will still be there, but give it 30 mins-1hr and I'm opening my game again. It really makes me nervous to do the Tour of Hawaii race again as I BARELY got it on my offline profile years ago with UCP and now having to do it again with my new online profile. Any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I've been having a lot of fun with this mod so far. Only issue I have been having is often times (rarely I can play for hours no issues) the game about 20 mins or so in will go to desktop and when I click on it to go back it just sits with a black screen, thus starting the game again. Any suggestions on what might be causing that? Also been seeing a lot more of the races and other events that will just freeze in the cockpit after completing them. Seems every other race I do it won't let me get to the rewards screen.
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