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  1. Link says this item is only for customers in United States. Is there way to get this in Europe? I live in Finland myself.
  2.  http://youtu.be/lYRCUBGaNhk Link for the Nacon Connect Event Trailer. 0:02 on the video, put the video to 0.25 speed. The first glimpse of the new Test Drive game seen on Nacon Connect Event Trailer. On here we see what looks like Koenigsegg Regera on left, guy in suit standing next to Regera and woman getting out from a car I can't recognize. This can't be nothing else than new Test Drive Unlimited game or Test Drive : Solar Crown. Nacon Connect is next Tuesday at 7pm CEST time, so expect some Test Drive there. It's definitely happening!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTuBgB6zlC0&lc=z224f3nqsrjlulcnoacdp43b0yhdt3lccyrxuqms0jpw03c010c So much H Y P E! Let's hope Kylotonn doesn't mess up this one, looks like Alex VII has Developer Q&A and make sure to comment your questions into comment section. We want this to be ultimate Test Drive game
  4. I try to create my own sound mod for the Nissan 300ZX using the samples I recorded from GT Sport. I did some test and replaced 350Z_offlow.wav with TDU Modding Tools, now the car doesnt have sound. What could be causing that? Too high file size perhaps?
  5. I just can't get it working for some reason, but then I realized I have Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510 sitting on the table collecting dust, decided to try my F510 and put this controller into Xinput mode and surprisingly it fixed my issues.
  6. Which version you have? I tried older DS4Windows versions but those crash after 2 seconds I launch DS4Windows.exe.
  7. Anybody here playing with DS4 PS4 Controller? I need some help, I can't figure out how to get throttle and brake to work properly, TDU identifies the L2 and R2 axis as Button 7 and Button 8 and when I don't press the throttle all the way down it behaves as button and gets into full throttle. Is there way I could fix this?
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