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  1. I will save this guide for a later use. Thank you!
  2. Being a dx9 game, it should be possible with 3rd party software, but don't expect head traking in game... Try lookin' for VR softwares for game without native support on google. I used TriDef 3d for some experiments' but my hardware wasn't up to the task. This guy get it working with head tracking. But the video is not in english, even I cannot understand what he's saying.
  3. Met Douglas in the "Ring of Speed" race. While I was able to keep all the others A class car behind in corners, he was a no go. Every time I see him on the star line of that race, I quit and restart it. With a B class in unbeatable.
  4. Good to know, since I have this problem in a hitchhiker mission. It stays on 90, but it lose some 0.something that doesn't give me the perfection. I'll try that, even if on hitchhiker missions, with time limit, it will be harder.
  5. So, I tryed using TDUF to change the FOV in TDU. This is an abit that I developed in the sim racing community, trying to use a realistic FOV for better immersion and driving. Starting from this guide (https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/TDUF-Database-Editor-Cameras), I was able to determine that "binoculars" is the actual value that controls the FOV. Using just small changes to te last two digits, I was able to alter the ingame FOV. Here are some results obtained with the "Ferrari LaFerrari" from TDU Platinum MOD. @Djey also added some interesting details in another thread: So, if anyone is interested in changing the FOV for TDU, I could use some help in actually relating those values to the actual FOV degrees values.
  6. Good, In the next hours I will open a new thread about cameras. But, to correct you, all numbers are relevant. I obtained good results (similar to 16675) using 10000. It means that every numbers or so, the FOV cicles.
  7. The questioon rised when, driving the Lotus Exige S, I noticed that the FOV of that car was much narrower than any other car I driven before. So I will try to play a bit with the settings of TDUF. Maybe I will be able to find the exact setting and, even, make a comparison between the effect it has to the actual FOV values. EDIT/UPDATE Looks like @Djey was right. Binoculars is, indeed, the value that controls the FOV of the game. I've tried messing with the visual of "Ferrari LaFerrari", and got curious results. You need just small variation to the value to obtain relevant results, and going more that 100 units at a time breaks the FOV or simply starts all over again (obtained similar results with 16650 and 10000, for example). Now I need to now how to relate the "binoculars" value to actual FOV degrees units. If someone has an idea, pleas share. Maybe I will create a dedicated post in the mod section, since this matter was never talkend in the forum about TDU, but just TDU 2 (that has a little mods that does the job) Here's the results I got messing with it:
  8. I've got a question. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now, and the search function of the forum wasn't helpfull, so I'm asking here: Is it possible to change the FOV (field of view) for the game? I've seen a camera hack for TDU2, but nothing about the first game. Did anyone ever tried to do it?
  9. You can't alt-tab the game when using full screen. You need to play it in windowed mode, and use Borderless Gaming to put it back to fullscreen.
  10. A well, rip... The fact is that I never play more than 1 hr or 1 and a half, so I hardly see the second day
  11. Well, since I'm playing offline, I just hope every game will start with a different day... And I kinda liked the orange sunrise...
  12. So I will have to wait even longer for a change in weather? Or the game will start every time with a different weather?
  13. Wait a second... When I start the game, I always start with the sunrise in a nice day. And the progression is always the same. I encounter foggy weather only when I play for more than 3 hours.
  14. Wait. Do they? I always had to map my original XBOX 360 controller when playing TDU. I don't think TDU recognize the 360 controller out of the box, is still a 2007 game...
  15. The race is SPEED03.IGE. I opened the file with an hex editor, and the name match. Unfortunately... ... I wasn't able, even with the name of the race and the code, to find it in the savefiles. The only things left to do is to redo all the stuff again, trying not to use a no traffick cheat, that is the only one that seems to work.
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