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  1. Seen some discussion abouts mods and ethic. I want to share my experience in the modding community of another game, rFactor. I'm a 3D artist, and was inspired on this path by the modding community of rFactor, that has strict rules: You can only upload mods that are completely made by you. Stolen 3D models are not accepted on official community, but can only be found on third party small websites. You cannot take a model from Forza and put it on Racedepartment or Driving Italia, for example. And this is true for any sim game. rFactor, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa and all the others. Same thing about using other modders work. You cannot edit or use the work of another modder without his/hers approval. That's the ethic I've been used to. But then, there is also the matter that putting real cars in a sim racing game without the license of the manufacturer is also not totally ethical and legal... Technically, all of Formula 1 mods for rFactor should't exist, but they do and nobody cares about licenses. Luckily.
  2. Thank you sir for the quick response.
  3. This is, probably, an extremely stupid question, but... I don't need to install all the patches, right? Are they cumulative? 'Cause I've started using the mod when 1.03 patch was already out, and been installing them only since then.
  4. Well, maybe you are more skilled than me and the others who have problems. Or maybe you are driving a much faster car. I was using an R32 with level 2 tuning, and using no driving assit with a controller. Techically, I always was fast enough to beat the challenge, or I was just a few seconds away from it. But the penaly really made it harder on me, so that I won by far on a very luck run, where I encountered traffic only on straights and a couple of large corners.
  5. Err... yes it is. Traffic spawns randomly during the course. If you get a run where it always spawn in blind fast corners, forcing you to slow down, or in proximity of intersections, with the AI car turing without the blink, then you are screwed. But if it spawns only on straights, where you can easily avoid it, then you are in for a stellar time.
  6. Mod that car. I won it with tier 2 mod. But it wasn't easy. I had to put at least 15 attemps before getting a sub 3:20 with minor penalty. A suggestion, if you get more than one crash, reboot. Not only you will get the slowdown from the crash, but also the 20 points penalty, that will give you 2 seconds of penalty at the end. As I said in an earlier comment, this challenge is very luck based. You have to try and re try, untill you get a run with traffic spawning in straights, with the ability to optimize cornering trajectory. It's all about luck.
  7. Yeah, that always been an hard race.
  8. I won it with an R32 modded to tier 2 (or 3). It required several attemps, but in the end is very luck based and requires clean drive. Every 10 points of penalty equal to 1 second added to your time. If you push to the max avoiding crash and slowdowns, you can go well under the required time with an E class car. But you need a clean drive to not get to much penalty. I ended it with less than 2 sec. of penalty and reaching the finish line 10 seconds before the set time. As I said, it requires many attemps and lots of luck, 'cause you need a lap where traffic doesn't spawn in key points of your cornering trajectory. And since traffic is random, no one knows how many attemps are required.
  9. About AI, you mean the extra AI from the last update, right? Because I'm using the basic one and I'm finding it very easy to win races. Maybe is just because I'm using more OP cars than the competition, but I hope to find a bigger challenge with top categories. About the sounds, I don't have mush complaints. Even if I don't know to what extent Milli can edit the mods. Because, in this case, I would keep reporting small inconsistencies and bug that I found in some cars. EXAMPLE: The internal speed gauge on the BMW M3 E46 doesn't work properly, skyroketing over 300 km/h when I'm still ad 170 km/h.
  10. Tested it. I went to the dealer, selected the car, customized it, and took it out for a test drive. All worked well, except part of the roof, that was pitch black (maybe a panoramic roof?)
  11. I believe you should edit the .exe in a similar manner the 4GB patch does. Now I want to do some test to see when the drop happens with the 4GB patch (not even sure I will encounter it, since I won all the race I could with the R32, a car that crashed the game). I want to make sure that the .exe goes all the way up to 4GB before droping frames.
  12. Yup, today I had the opportunity to play for more than 1 and a half hour. Happened again after more than 3 hours of gameplay. I don't know if the .exe saturated the 4 GB limit that the patch included, because I wasn't monitoring it...
  13. In theory, you should have both patch 1.66A and megapack to install this mod. At least, to me the first delership it worked flawlessy.
  14. Ok, when I go back home, I'll try to do a test drive with the 308 from the dealership. But first, did you install the mod on a clean version of TDU with both patch 1.66A and Megapack?
  15. Been using Daemn Tools since 2009, and never got a single malaware on my PC. If in their installer of the free version there was a malaware years ago, that I didn't know, since I used an old Lite version for more than 6 years, and stopped using it when it became not compatible with Windows 10. But the latest free version is clean. And isn't even usefull, since I didn't suggest to use it, but to use the PRO (or ULTRA) version that comes with a clean installer, being a paid software. So, I don't know what misinformation I'm making: The only way to use the fixed TDU image is to use DT Pro or Ultra. Both paid softwares with clean installers. But then, if someone downloads the wrong software that I didn't reccomend (Lite, that is useless), from a third party website, I cannot be held responsible. It's not a debate. If I say "You must use the PRO or ULTRA version of this software", and you tell me that "The LITE version used to come with a malware", we are talking of totally different things.
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