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  1. Oh damn... the first part was the problem and I can't believe it works now! It's the last thing I would have thought of. Many thanks!
  2. Hey guys, new member here. Been lurking here for several days now and I agree that a wiki styled FAQ would be great to have, especially since I'm having multiple issues with the game myself. I tried the game on both my laptop and desktop computers that I own and there is a huge difference in compatibility. First off, I was being heavily frustrated while trying to get the mod to work on my desktop. Many installs and uninstalls and trying out different methods, after which I finally managed to get it to work by removing enbseries config file and d3d9.dll. Otherwise it would just crash immediately without even getting to the main menu. The problem now is that many of the mod's models do not even show up, they are showing up as invisible cars that I can't even select. Is there a fix for that, because I seriously am frustrated at how the mod just refuses to work fine for me. The specs of my PC are above average for gaming with a Haswell i5 4440, GTX 1070 and 8GB of RAM. I'm also using Windows 10 as my main OS. Strangely enough, I installed the game the same way on my laptop and it works flawlessly there. Didn't have to modify nor remove anything. Of course, deleting those two files that I mentioned previously, the same starts occurring as on my desktop, some models of cars will just outright disappear and refuse to work, even though the game runs fine. Specs are i5 4200H, 8GB of RAM and GTX 850M 2GB DDR3 variant and OS is also Windows 10. But the thing is, I really am scratching my head on what could be wrong and why my desktop hates having enbseries with the game. Maybe there is an answer in the previous posts, but I really can't be bothered anymore to search for it. So, if anyone can help pointing me in the right direction on what could be wrong would be greatly appreciated.
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