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    For racing games, my interests are: TDU, Codemasters' games, Forza, NFS.
  1. Hey guys. I've reinstalled TDU after not playing for a long time, with patches and megapack. I installed Project Paradise along with it, but there's a problem. When i try to play online, checking the mark for the Gamespy ID (i'm pretty sure its used to play with this mod still.) The game gets stuck on "Connecting to TestDrive" am i doing someting wrong? IT'S not crashing, no error message. The game just freezes somehow. I checked my antivirus, they did not detect anything that could affect the mod. The Visual C++ are completely fine for me. Still freezes even after a reinstalling them. Singleplayer is working for me... This didn't happen to me when i played on Windows 7 years ago. EDIT: I had to delete the TDU windows firewall registry to pop up the windows defender's infamous "this program wants online permissions". Clicked allow again and it worked. (with private network checkmarked)
  2. I like the style of the launcher, very clean and beautiful
  3. I have been ghosting (not actually ghosting, just visiting it mainly for TDU at the time) on TurboDuck since when the site's only theme was white, and i'm pretty sure there was some period when registrations where disabled. I just decided to create an account right now. I like racing games and platformers (and some others..)! Chose my Display Name as one of my favorite racing game series, GRID. However, my real name is Lucas!
  4. The remade Hawaii on TDU2 is so beautiful, they did really on a nice job on it. Also, the ambience sounds make it even more better
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